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 \\ wtc7 //and company 
 fri-sun jun 2nd-4th Chicago conference
 For non-profit use only.
as before with wtc7 / and company, these are compressed verions of bigger, broadcast quality files--because nobody should be denied practical access to this material owing to download time: It's too important and too timely
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for their support in presenting this compressed collection--at 11:30pm sun jun 18th this collection has enjoyed 1,301 downloads: COUNT 'EM

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http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/06/340889.shtml BROADCAST QUALITY
07:34:48 English 2006-06-04
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ALEX JONES speaks at demonstration  00:07:30  16Kbps mp3
(875.64KB) Mono
436 Download File...
JEANETTE NcKINLEY at demonstration  00:04:09  16Kbps mp3
(485.44KB) Mono
357 Download File...
RALPH SCHOENMAN anti imperialist leader  00:06:15  16Kbps mp3
(730.81KB) Mono
383 Download File...
ANNIE MACHON 9/11 + 7/7 view from Europe  00:06:57  16Kbps mp3
(811.66KB) Mono
366 Download File...
ROBERT BOWMAN Senate candidate Florida  00:29:24  16Kbps mp3
(3.35MB) Mono
396 Download File...
pt1o2 KEVIN RYAN whistleblower Underwriters Labs  00:25:34  16Kbps mp3
(2.91MB) Mono
619 Download File...
pt2o2 KEVIN RYAN whistleblower Underwriters Labs  00:28:36  16Kbps mp3
(3.26MB) Mono
477 Download File...
Q & A KEVIN RYAN whistleblower Underwriters Labs  00:15:10  16Kbps mp3
(1.73MB) Mono
386 Download File...
KATHLEEN FERRICK ROSENBLAT citizens' grand jury in LA  00:11:59  16Kbps mp3
(1.37MB) Mono
340 Download File...
10  LYNN PENTZ citizens' grand jury in LA  00:21:12  16Kbps mp3
(2.42MB) Mono
327 Download File...
11  PHILLIP BERG legal  00:16:56  16Kbps mp3
(1.93MB) Mono
342 Download File...
12  RALPH SCHOENMAN conference  00:22:10  16Kbps mp3
(2.53MB) Mono
351 Download File...
13  CAROL BROUILLET conference  00:14:20  16Kbps mp3
(1.63MB) Mono
326 Download File...
14  DAVID KUBIAK of Project Censored  00:11:42  16Kbps mp3
(1.33MB) Mono
352 Download File...
15  BARRIE ZWICKER conference pt1o2  00:25:08  16Kbps mp3
(2.86MB) Mono
580 Download File...
16  BARRIE ZWICKER conference pt2o2  00:26:06  16Kbps mp3
(2.97MB) Mono
426 Download File...
17  BARRIE ZWICKER discussion pt1o2  00:14:30  16Kbps mp3
(1.65MB) Mono
1192 Download File...
18  BARRIE ZWICKER discussion pt2o2  00:16:59  16Kbps mp3
(1.94MB) Mono
557 Download File...
19  KEN JENKINS conference  00:20:41  16Kbps mp3
(2.36MB) Mono
341 Download File...
20  STATE TERRORISM conference  00:36:40  16Kbps mp3
(4.18MB) Mono
373 Download File...
21  WEBSTER TARPLEY state terrorism  00:29:47  16Kbps mp3
(3.39MB) Mono
422 Download File...
22  RALPH SCHOENMAN state terrorism  00:07:21  16Kbps mp3
(858.68KB) Mono
346 Download File...
23  CHRIS EMERY the Oklahoma City bombing  00:22:21  16Kbps mp3
(2.55MB) Mono
391 Download File...
24  CHRIS EMERY state terrorism  00:06:29  16Kbps mp3
(757.42KB) Mono
368 Download File...
25  MORGAN REYNOLDS former GWBush admin official  00:26:52  16Kbps mp3
(3.06MB) Mono
466 Download File...
 CAROL BROUILLET recaps conference on indymedia radio Download Program Podcast
32 kbps mono @ http://radio.indymedia.org/uploads/carol_brouillet__recap_of_june_2006_911_truth_conference_in_chicago.mp3
01:02:04 English 2006-06-05
 phone interview by David at San Francisco indymedia
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CAROL BROUILLET recaps whole conference indymedia radio  01:02:04  16Kbps mp3
(7.1MB) Mono
330 Download File...