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Taylor Report: Syria and Allies Set Resistance to Divide-and-Rule Imperialism

Date Uploaded: 2017-04-24 14:51:54.0
It is clear the American led reactionary forces are following the old colonial strategy of seeking to divide Arabs, Muslims, and Kurds against one another, the better to betray and rule them. However the Syrian government facing this strategy has much experience and committed allies.

if music could talk: If Music Could Talk - April 23 2017

Date Uploaded: 2017-04-24 08:36:19.0

Cool Jazz Set: To Ella with Love; 4/23/17; set 1

Date Uploaded: 2017-04-24 04:14:13.0

Cool Jazz Set: To Ella with Love; 4/23/17; set 2

Date Uploaded: 2017-04-24 04:11:39.0

CPR News: CPR News, April 24, 2017

Date Uploaded: 2017-04-24 03:42:49.0

Kaputt X Radio: # 340 The Difficulties of becoming an Ozstrayen

Date Uploaded: 2017-04-24 01:48:33.0
The Australian Government wants to get tougher on the citizenship test.

The Happy Station Show: The Happy Station Show April 23 2017

Date Uploaded: 2017-04-23 21:01:57.0

PCJ Media Media Network Plus: Media Netwok Plus April 22 2017

Date Uploaded: 2017-04-23 20:57:34.0

Taylor Report: Trump Accuses and Bombs... Based on No Evidence

Date Uploaded: 2017-04-23 18:58:28.0
Invoking sensational photos and high decibel calls to “do something,” Trump struck Syria in an illegal attack on a sovereign state and fellow UN member. The power of the American propaganda machine is seen in the feeble and mumbling response of American “progressives” who can’t find their voice to speak out against the irrationality and violence of their own state.

GroundWire: GroundWire | April 24, 2017

Date Uploaded: 2017-04-23 18:42:23.0
This episode of GroundWire was produced on Anishinabe territory in Thunder Bay, ON part of the Robinson Superior Treaty, home of the Fort William First Nation


The Worsening fentanyl Crisis in Vancouver’s downtown Eastside | Omme-Salma Rahemtullah with files from Gunargie O’Sullivan, Community Access Television

The Walk for water begins on the shores of Lake Superior | Jayal Chung, CILU


Hands Off Syria Demo in Montreal, to denounce US bombing of Syria | Yafa Marouf, CKUT

A discussion of ongoing child apprehension in Indigenous families and communities | Carly Forbes with files from Gunargie O’Sullivan, CFRO

Community Radio Report

The CRTC held a public hearing to hear from applicants for licenses type B Native Radio stations | Courtney Harrop, GroundWire

Produced and Hosted by Carly Forbes and Jayal Chung

GroundWire thanks all of its contributors! Thank you also to Gretchen King and Saja Marouf

Music this week was Rain by Nick Sherman from the Album Knives and Wildrice

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