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The Michael Slate Show: Stand Up! Shout Out! Bring on a New World!

Date Uploaded: 2015-03-31 21:49:11.0
Andy Zee, co-director, and Annie Day, Bob Avakian Institute, co-producer, of "Revolution and Religion, The Fight for Emancipation and the Role of Religion, A Dialogue Between Cornel West and Bob Avakian," a new film of the dialogue that took place at Riverside Church in New York last November. It is available online at We'll also hear a clip from the film, "Why are we still fighting for justice in 2015?" featuring Cornel West and Bob Avakian.

Sea Change Radio: Paul Hawken: Cultivating Progress (re-broadcast)

Date Uploaded: 2015-03-31 21:09:42.0
Last year on Sea Change Radio, we spoke to Paul Hawken about how the civil rights movement helped shape his thinking and spurred him into a life of environmental activism and entrepreneurship. This week, you’ll hear the second half of host Alex Wise’s wide-ranging interview with this environmental luminary. They discuss corporate social responsibility, the evolution of the open-source and sharing economy movements, and how communication technology has transformed global human interaction.

49: dr mikes health and wellness

Date Uploaded: 2015-03-31 20:53:13.0

Radio News: Periscope, Meerkat, and a host of other new apps 20150401

Date Uploaded: 2015-03-31 20:38:39.0
Report about new video streaming apps that go through Twitter: Periscope and Meerkat, plus other radio-related new apps.

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit Show: Willy Nilly

Date Uploaded: 2015-03-31 16:44:52.0
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit Show - A musical mid-life crisis -- a late-night search for meaning and happiness airs on WRIR LP Monday nights from 11 PM to 1 AM. Stream the show @

Out of the Woods: Out of the Woods - Show #260 - 4-4-15

Date Uploaded: 2015-03-31 16:09:05.0
This version of the program is divided into 6 segments so broadcasters who desire to use this content can insert your station info, etc. The segments vary in length.

Out of the Woods is an earthy, wires and wood, mostly acoustic program featuring some of the best new and established artists from the worlds of folk, bluegrass, singer-songwriters,, Americana, classic country, old-time, Celtic, and everything that falls in between. The show is an unpredictable mix flowing like a river between moods, often with an edge or in a melancholy minor key. On occasion, Out of the Woods features interviews and live in-studio performances with national and international touring musicians. Past guests have included artists such as Bela Fleck, Si Kahn, Brown Bird, Dana Robinson, Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen, Kate MacLeod, Bill Bourne, Karl Shiflett, Rachel Bissex, Darryl Purpose, Bow Thayer, Cosy Sheridan and many others. Out of the Woods grew out of Jon 'Chip' Colcord's former acoustic programs, The Song Swap and Music For The Mountain, separate folk and bluegrass programs which aired in New Hampshire during the 1990s. As a child, Colcord grew up a ravenous music fan with an ear for both rock and folk, from Arlo Guthrie to Aerosmith. All of these influences converge on Out of the Woods to bring you a mix which is as much on the edge as it is down home. Folk music with a rock 'n' roll soul

Bristol Broadband Co-operative: Merchant Venturer Edward Ware loses John McAllister ...

Date Uploaded: 2015-03-31 14:50:55.0

CPR News: CPR News, March 31, 2-15

Date Uploaded: 2015-03-31 14:05:20.0

Radio Curious: Jaciara Bayer: Transracial Adoptions and White Privilege

Date Uploaded: 2015-03-31 11:28:23.0
Radio Curious visits with Jaciara Bayer, a transracial adoptee who shares her personal experiences of being told she’s different, growing up in a white family and her encounters with white privilege.  

The Alembic Files: Mystery History Theater - Act 9

Date Uploaded: 2015-03-31 10:47:53.0
After an almost-comical number of failures to kidnap Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth’s Flying Circus falls apart, but, now, it’s not about kidnapping anymore, it’s about murder in the worst degree.

A soldier thinks he hears Booth talking to a co-conspirator about Lincoln leaving Ford’s Theater during the play’s second intermission, but dismisses it. Lincoln’s body guard Ward Lamon is in Richmond on business for his President. John Parker, the “special policeman” guarding Lincoln, leaves his post to grab a beer with Lincoln’s coachman and footman. The third act begins and Booth downs a shot of courage in Taltuvull’s Star Saloon, then slips next door into the theater and clandestinely makes his way to Lincoln’s box.

At about the same time, off Lafayette Park, an injured, bedridden Secretary of State William Seward is attacked by a person or persons unknown in a confused frenzy, the account of which--to this day--has never been satisfactorily explained. Can the key to the mystery be found in the Seward Family's closet of skeletons?

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