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Synthetic Natural: Synthetic Natural Vol. 3

Date Uploaded: 2015-04-18 12:00:51.0
Synthetic Natural is an Electronic Music Podcast.

Radio Lavalamp : 02

Date Uploaded: 2015-04-18 11:37:28.0
a playlist of new age, acoustic, ambient, sound excursions & chillout music ... Radio Lavalamp is an homage to an online / community radio station from Osaka Japan that broadcast in the first few years of the current millennium.

Radio Thrift Shop: Program 272

Date Uploaded: 2015-04-18 11:17:50.0
Radio Thrift Shop is a homegrown mix that loves vinyl records, 78s, 45's, private press releases, all kinds of tapes and homemade cds. Each show features a freeform playlist of tunes released between the early 1900's and next week in numerous musical genres.

Radio Thrift Shop: Program 271

Date Uploaded: 2015-04-18 11:15:14.0
Radio Thrift Shop is a homegrown mix that loves vinyl records, 78s, 45's, private press releases, all kinds of tapes and homemade cds. Each show features a freeform playlist of tunes released between the early 1900's and next week

One Minute Zine Reviews: Proof I Exist #19

Date Uploaded: 2015-04-18 11:12:03.0
One Minute Zine Reviews is a homemade program highlighting the DIY world of print publications (aka the papernet) that thrive in the digital age. This program is free to rebroadcast (please!) on any terrestrial, internet, satellite, or other radio station upon notification of DJ Frederick

Paper Radio: Give Me Cassettes or Give Me Death

Date Uploaded: 2015-04-18 11:09:23.0
Paper Radio is a podcast series from DJ Frederick of One Minute Zine Reviews. Paper Radio explores paper culture in the digital age. Topics include: letter writing, postcards, newsletters, mail art, the postal service, zine publishing and unique indie publications, free speech, DIY resources, DIY music and making your own media.

Subvercite: conference craquebitume

Date Uploaded: 2015-04-17 22:38:32.0

Radio News: This Week in Radio News: Radiophrenia April 18-24, 2015

Date Uploaded: 2015-04-17 19:13:53.0
Headlines this week include: Net neutrality rules challenged in Congress, and the courts; KHIG marijuana radio turns on in Colorado Springs; Voice of America, Pacifica changes; FCC's AM Radio Revitilization Plan; The FCC and Pirate Radio. Plus, sound samples from Radiophrenia, the Glasgow radio art project that aired on 87.9fm, from April 13 to April 19. "Radiophrenia" is a temporary art radio station, a week-long exploration into current trends in sound and transmission arts. Broadcasting live from Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts, the station aims to promote radio as an art form, encouraging challenging and radical new approaches to the medium. See for more information.

State Of The City reports: NATO's 1986 assassination of Swedish Prime Minister ...

Date Uploaded: 2015-04-17 15:05:02.0

Great Speeches And Interviews: Should The U.N. Admit Palestine As A Full Member Stat...

Date Uploaded: 2015-04-17 15:02:31.0
The conflict between Israel and Palestine has a long history. On November 29, 2012, the General Assembly adopted resolution 67/19 entitled “Status of Palestine in the United Nations” with 138 votes in favor, 9 against and 41 abstentions. The resolution accorded to Palestine non-Member observer State status in the United Nations, marking the first time that the General Assembly considered Palestine to be a State.

After 20 years of failed talks with Israel, can the international community be the only path left to a two-state solution, or have the Palestinians set the peace process back by bypassing negotiations?

For admitting Palestine: Mustafa Barghouthi, former Palestinian National Authority Presidential Candidate and Daniel Levy, former Israeli Government Negotiator & Senior Fellow, New America Foundation

Against admitting Palestine: Dore Gold, former Israeli U.N. Ambassador & Advisor to PM Netanyahu and Aaron David Miller, former U.S. Mideast Negotiator, Advised Republican and Democratic Secretaries of State
Source: intelligence2: The U.N. Should Admit Palestine As A Full Member State

Fighting The Tar Sands Pipeline

Earyn Wheatley (@earyn604) has been involved in the resistance to Kinder Morgan's proposed Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline at #BurnabyMountain. Burnaby Mountain is about 11 miles east of Vancouver, Canada. Earyn talks about the events, indigenous resistance and the many reasons people oppose the project. Earyn was interviewed by Dan Kellar.
Source: Fighting The Tar Sands Pipeline Through Burnaby Mountain

Music includes Chumbawamba - Jacobs Ladder, Ryan Harvey - 50 Billion More, David Rovics - The War Is Over, Ry Cooder - No Banker Left Behind, Mike Brill - Give Ireland Back To The Irish, David Rovics - Waiting For The Fall, Roy Zimmerman - Vote Republican 2.0, Neil Young - Lets Impeach The President, The Temptations - Ball Of Confusion (That's What The World Is Today), Fabian - Let The Children Sing, Tom Lehrer - Who's Next, Groovy Judy - Peace And Love, The Bobs - Helmet, The Beatles - All You Need Is Love, Cal Tjader - Mambo Macumba, Coleman Hawkins - Stuffy

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