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Reverend Bookburn: Leftover Shows from August 2003 Part 1

Date Uploaded: 2017-01-18 03:09:08.0

Radio Curious: Patterson, Dr. Victoria: United States Treaties with Native People

Date Uploaded: 2017-01-17 22:32:04.0
In the 56 years between 1774 and 1832, 368 Treaties were agreed upon between several sovereign nations of the native peoples of North America the United States.  Our guest is Victoria Patterson, Ph.D., an ethnologist who has studied the Native People of North America for the past 40 years.

The Jazz Scene: The Jazz Scene 1701

Date Uploaded: 2017-01-17 20:51:11.0
An hour of the best in Jazz.

if music could talk: If Music Could Talk - Jan 15 2017

Date Uploaded: 2017-01-17 20:21:43.0

The Michael Slate Show: Are you ready? Why Trump Is Illegitimate, What difference It...

Date Uploaded: 2017-01-17 19:41:18.0
This week's show will be devoted to NO! In The Name of Humanity, We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America. There have been disruptions at Senate hearings on Trump's cabinet nominees, full-page ads in major newspapers, and many voices speaking out. Refuse Fascism has called for people to flood Washington DC, with plans to stay in the streets, demonstrating and spreading the word night and day, drawing more and more people. We'll talk with several of the initiators and endorsers of Refuse Fascism.

Sea Change Radio: Sustainable Investing in the New Gilded Age

Date Uploaded: 2017-01-17 17:52:59.0
This week on Sea Change Radio, we get an update on the sustainable and responsible investment community from Mark Tulay, the Director of the Strategic Investor Initiative. Tulay and host Alex Wise discuss the mission of SII, the progress that's been made in the SRI space, and how investors, markets and companies are likely to respond to the incoming presidential administration.

TUC Radio: The Story of Aaron Swartz - Film on Radio - ONE self contained 29 min. pr...

Date Uploaded: 2017-01-17 15:20:55.0
This program is based on the soundtrack of the 2014 movie: The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz. His death at age 26 on January 11, 2013, made the internet light up with grief and also anger at a judicial system that haunted and hunted him. He was facing 35 years in prison and $1 million in fines for bulk-downloading from a site, JSTOR, that was freely available to Massachusetts Institute of Technology students.

"Aaron's story touched a nerve with people far beyond the online communities in which he was a celebrity" said director, Brian Knappenberger. "This is the story of programming prodigy and information activist Aaron Swartz. From Swartz's help in development of the basic internet protocol RSS to his co-founding of Reddit, his fingerprints are all over the internet. But it was his groundbreaking work in social justice and political organizing combined with his aggressive approach to information access that ensnared him in a two year legal battle with the Federal Government. It was a battle that ended with the taking of his own life at the age of 26."

The life and work of Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden and Aaron Swartz are related around the question what the internet can be in our lives: an instrument of surveillance or of social change. And as the future of the internet and net neutrality and the role of the FCC all hang in the balance again in 2017 the extraordinary life and ideas of Aaron Swartz are worth remembering.

Free Thy Land: Is the Statue of Liberty a Fake?

Date Uploaded: 2017-01-17 15:17:04.0
examines undocumented immigration of statue of liberty into america without photo ID.
and a bit on saudis new campaign in yemen.

jAFFA Refugee: Tolerance0

Date Uploaded: 2017-01-17 12:24:54.0

CPR News: CPR News, January 17, 2017

Date Uploaded: 2017-01-17 12:15:00.0

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