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State Of The City reports: Ethiopia's Nobel Peace Prize winning PM Abiy Ahmed, ...

Date Uploaded: 2020-11-27 15:03:35.0

Radio Thrift Shop: Broadcast 503

Date Uploaded: 2020-11-27 14:07:38.0
Radio Thrift Shop is DJ Frederick's decade long (and counting) experiment, having evolved from Seldom Heard Radio in 2011. Radio Thrift Shop has a flexible format & an homage to the "underground" era of broadcasts of the 1960's and 1970's that DJ Frederick grew up listening to & features a homegrown mix of vinyl records, 78s, 45's, LPs, private press releases, and a variety of cassette tapes and homemade / self released cassettes & cds. Each broadcast of Radio Thrift Shop features an improvised or thematic playlist from DJ Frederick's music library. It's never the same program twice. Or even once.

Celt In A Twist Contemporary Celtic Radio Hour: Celt In A Twist November 29 2020

Date Uploaded: 2020-11-27 12:42:42.0
Celtic Thunder from Down Under with The Go Set (Melbourne) and a fresh spin from The Rumjacks (Sydney) + speedgrass fiddler, Michael Cleveland.

worldbeatcanada radio: worldbeatcanada radio november 28 2020

Date Uploaded: 2020-11-27 12:33:47.0
Beaming in the best from around the globe! Shout outs to Grammy notables CeU and Alex Cuba, new spins from Jupiter & Okwess w/ The Preservation Hall Jazz Band and an O'Sisters act that's on fire!

New World Notes: #665 -- The Politics of Cultural Despair, Part 2

Date Uploaded: 2020-11-27 12:04:18.0
A rousing new speech by activist, essayist, and Pulitzer-winning journalist Chris Hedges.

Hedges sees the engineering of public despair as a deliberate strategy of our country's real rulers, the corporate oligarchs. Alas, history shows that citizens in despair often turn to fascism, thereby only compounding their misery and the oligarchs' power.

In Part 2, Hedges focuses on the rise pf "Christian Fascism" (a.k.a. "the religious Right). (Continued ... )

Chilled Hip Hop Soul & Lo-Fi Beats: The Chill Study Vol. 6 (Chill Beats extended...

Date Uploaded: 2020-11-27 11:06:46.0
DJ Glibstyles - Chill Study Vol. 6

(1.) Something Else - Paul Grant
(2.) Lady Blossom - blnkspc
(3.) Never Sees His Own Benefit - I Will Tunes
(4.) Just Wanna Be Free - Boonie Mayfield
(5.) Unwind - goosetaf & Yasper
(6.) Whispers - skyswimming
(7.) gold - Yung Ako
(8.) Frozen - Venuz Beats
(9.) Reason - Martin $ky
(10.) Whisper - Astro Mega
(11.) In The Garden - Potatohead People
(12.) Daydreaming at my Desk - Scottie Royal
(13.) Look Of Love - Maverick Soul
(14.) Let You Know - Adam Deitch
(15.) Hourglass - Hz. Epifania & Funcc
(16.) ny90 - Ezzy
(17.) Play This At Dusk - Mecca:83 ft. Jabba Tha Kut
(18.) Nature - Reese Tanaka
(19.) Leaves - uncommenn ft. Will Puzey
(20.) Waves - Freddie Joachim
(21.) Forms - Vesa beats
(22.) Everything I Need - Moonchild

Last 10 with Drederick Crate-Em

(1.) Roll On - GMG
(2.) Together We Find Light - lo-tek
(3.) For Your Alright - The Gemini Project
(4.) Icon - Kalecchi
(5.) Schiffetto Correttivo (Biga Reflip Strumentale) - Biga

Global Research News Hour: COVID, The Great Reset, Warp Speed and the Arrival of the...

Date Uploaded: 2020-11-26 18:35:03.0
This week's program deals with the problems with the lack of consent around the 2020 US elections and how they were predicted! It also delves into uncertainty around the second and third wave, the Great Reset,operation Warp Speed, 5G and more ignored and subverted by mainstream media offered by investigative journalist, documentary producer and activist Derrick Broze. Also, we hear part of a speech by Dr Roger Hodkinson, the reputable doctor, pathhologist for the Alberta Medical Examiner, and CEO of a biotech Company which manufacures COVID tests.

This Week In Palestine: Conference panel discussion on The Future of Palestine

Date Uploaded: 2020-11-26 18:26:05.0
This annual conference was held on 11/7/2020 at the Palestine Center in Washington DC. Obviously, it's a very difficult subject. We will hear these voices: Said Arikat (moderating the panel), physician/activist Mustapha Barghouti, journalist Noar Odeh, and historian Ilan Pappe.

For more conference content, go to:

outFarpress presents: The Shortwave Report 11/27/20 Listen Globally!

Date Uploaded: 2020-11-26 16:04:22.0
A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. With times, frequencies, and websites for listening at home. 3 files- Highest quality broadcast, regular broadcast, and slow-modem streaming. NHK Japan, Spanish National Radio, Radio Havana Cuba, and Germany.

Class War Battlefield Podcast: Episode 2020.05.02-10. Beyond Coronavirus Addendum

Date Uploaded: 2020-11-26 12:35:50.0
Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2020.05.02
This Now Will Change the United States;
Coronavirus as a Perfect 2020 Pallet Cleanser
In optometry, 20-20 is considered perfect vision, anything less than 20-20 is considered sharpened vision. In this episode I use this very popular concept as the foundation for examining COVID-19 as a change agent. I try to explain how both Trump and Clinton represented socio-body politic diseases, diseases that went back generations. I speak about FDR as the last independent president and how the Bush administration forewarned us of Donald Trump. The disease uncovered by Donald Trump’s appearance on the political landscape in 2016 was still hidden in 2000 – 2008, though many astute people were starting to see it manifest in the actions, inactions and verbal gaffs of the president. But with the signing of the CARES act, we seen the faces of those who have sat behind the throne, dictating politics to us without ever showing their faces. In Donald Trump’s cabinet, many have unveiled their faces to give us, the American people, a look into the eyes of those who run the country from their high rise positions.

Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2020.05.03
COVID-19 Mitigates the Need for a Commonwealth Allowance
I recorded this episode in April, but was unhappy with its content so I rerecorded it presently for your consideration. Beginning with a brief comment about the Business (and consumer cycle), I speak to you about the impact COVID-19 is having on the reliance of corporations on the predictable consumption habits of citizens. From this disruption of predictability, emerges a broader problem; COVID-19 has revealed how restrictive Globalization is on each countries ability to care for its citizens. Having recognized this disruption in March, I recorded this episode in April with hopes of explaining it before it took place (only have my inner perfectionist refuse to release it because it wasn’t polished enough – but I digress). For the half the episode I ask the listener to imagine a new financial model where the government sends each American citizen over the age of 18 or emancipated from their parents and not living at home, 2,000 dollars each month, I ask the listener to contemplate what that amount of money could mean to debt repayment, to creating a new generation of small businesses and, if that model was exported to the globe, what it would be to poverty everywhere.

Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2020.05.04
A Messenger to American Civilization
Hear this now
So what is COVID-19 trying to say to our society – to this civilization? There is so much information packed into this segment (recorded earlier in this year). We are a tired society, here in America, we are an overstressed society, one that desperately needs to calm down, sit down, meditate for a while and figure out how we can continue on without destroying our heart, kidneys and brain with the high blood pressure wracking our overactive, hypertension afflicted society. From this tiredness, this hypertension, comes a number of ailments, many discussed in this episode. From there I talk about “The Makers” and “The Takers”, what they really mean and how the right has completely inverted who they are. Then I speak on the revelation, that in all honesty won’t seem revelatory to anyone whose been paying attention the last two decades; COVID-19 has revealed there is an element inside the governing body that is uninterested in governing (SHOCKER). There is much more to discover within the episode so listen closely.

Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2020.05.05
A Metaphysical Interpretation
While the podcast segment starts off with a heavy astrological dissection of a large comet which entered our solar system (earlier in the year), it then moves to a much more understandable view of the virus and how the way America has consumed the world, may in fact have been imprinted back into us via the numbers of cases we are seeing (again, earlier in the year) in relation to the rest of the world. Sure, those numbers are inflated thanks to our ignorant response to the threat expressed by COVID-19; but I find the numeric similarities rather interesting. In a theme that will appear again in this multi-segment addendum, the content moves to the mass psychopathy innate – or maybe, I better say, the mass psychopathy expressed - in the actions by those committed to open up the “economy” no matter the cost it will afflict on the humans living in this SOCIETY. I am, so very tired of the wealthy acting as if “the economy” is somehow separated from “the society”, as if one’s health does not depend on the others health. But I digress. Before ending the segment, I speak directly to the wealthy, I speak directly to those who are making the decisions which will determine where this country rests when this pandemic is either tamed or fades away.

Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2020.05.06
How America’s Healthcare System is Viewed Internationally
You Won’t Be Surprised
The surprise addition to this multi-part addendum, this section was spontaneously crafted (as are many of my episodes and segments). One day I was reading the comments left behind on a video detailing the shock Brits experienced when hearing how much Americans paid for health insurance, the responses were so insightful and revealing, and so ravenous to the nation’s concept of itself, I knew I had to record myself reading them and responding to them, thus this was episode segment was born. Don’t not be dismayed though, this is a segment with plenty to offer, I found myself thinking – while relistening to the episode, sometimes the greatest mirror can be built from the love expressed to us from someone who loves us significantly more than we love ourselves.

Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2020.05.07
Your Wake-Up Call, COVID-19 and Europe’s Disrespect for Nature
Europeans time to wake up has arrived. From the moment they left their enclaves, they have sought to control, manage, and destroy nature; simultaneously as they have sought to eek out livings from here delicate cycles. This need-hate relationship has lead them to both curse, by destructive acts and beg, through extractive acts; Mother Nature even as they claimed the right to possess her. As I commented last year; Man must decide to back away from its annihilative acts before Mother decides to annihilate Man. In this episode I take this mere sentence and expand on it significantly. Here I speak about the origins of the Coronavirus, how the Bat has been seen as a powerful animal symbol; I speak about how COVID-19 has resulted in Nature healing itself, a sign I believe points to the true motive behind this virus, to stop Humanity from its path of destruction, thus giving Nature time to gather its strength for healing itself. Interestingly, I recorded this segment before the wildfires struck the west, which makes one section seem prophetic. That section describes the phenomenon known as “Global Dimming”, a theory that posited the world was being spared from Global Warmings true force thanks to the number of particles we pump into the air. Again, there is so much packed into this episode I will need another sheet to continue onward, instead I’m going to encourage you to listen to part seven of this episode.

Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2020.05.08
What COVID-19 Reveals About the Gulf Between the Rich and Poor
Should we be surprised by the manner in which the rich benefited from early governmental warnings of the impact COVID-19 would have on the society and the economy? No. Should we be surprised that some rich people and some government representatives shifted their investment strategies to ensure they could take full advantage of the ensuing economic turmoil caused by COVID-19? No. Should we be surprised that the president, who admitted to Bob Woodward that he understood how severe COVID-19 was, has been giving the public a different story? No. This, and more, reveals just how the rich view their responsibility to amassing wealth and their responsibility to the public who supports their behavior and often contributes to their ability to fulfill that desire. In this episode segment, I discuss how I view Trump’s actions and the actions exhibited by the wealthiest among us.

Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2020.05.09
How We Might See COVID-19 as a TRUMP Enhancing Entity
I recorded this segment before the Election Results were tabulated, yet the information still remains quite true. Like him or not, Donald Trump will go down in history as the man who distorted America to a point where social shattering seemed almost certain to occur in his second term, or if he lost, in the term immediately following his removal. COVID-19, will go down in history as “that thing which made social shattering possible”. Trump, as a man is not remarkable, but as a force – the theme I suspect you now see as forefront in this entire addendum series – he is history defining. In Trump, there are the qualities that did make America Great, there is egotism, an ability to redefine logic and facts to suit your desired ends, an affinity to lie to achieve your personal or group goals, a pleasure in demonizing those who are seen as weak and in your way, a love for the race traitor and a desire to single out “good Negros” as respectable, a visceral hatred for anything smacking of intellectual vigor outpacing your own capacity, a driving force to conquer and dominate to imprint your name on everything you touch (also to demonstrate how much better you are than the people you trample over), a joy in misleading and abusing the working class (to rally against their own interests and wellbeing), and a disdain for real work that will benefit everyone throughout the country. Unfortunately this list in one I developed a couple months after this episode was recorded, so it’s not in the episode, but it is in spirit. Enjoy.

Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2020.05.10
The Emergency Uncovered by COVID-19
My father use to tell me in flabbergasted frustration, “I’m tired of talking to you, now you must learn the hard way”. That’s what I feel like screaming from the nearest building at White Progressives and the society they have been reluctantly bequeathed. Instead, I’m going to save my sanity and prepare to end this podcast by winding its production down over the coming two to three months. In the wake of Joe Biden’s presidential win, in the wake of the euphoric celebration that pored onto the street after his win was confirmed by a media who has shown so little care for the state of the public over the last 20 years that their negligence borders on criminal and in the wake of the statements spewed from Democrat Party leadership after they failed to capture the Senate and lost seats in the House (I have a multi-part or segment episode about the Election in production right now); this segment episode seems to be less a retrospective on COVID-19, and more a retrospective on America as it slides into an emergency crisis rivaling that of the Great Depression and the 1890 Depression combined. This is not a happy segment, nor is it one that will be easy to listen too, as if the previous seven were. The good news is, I have enough material recorded at this time, to keep releasing multi-part segmented episodes until Spring if I released one every month, the bad news is, most are as hopeful and cheerful as this Addendum has been. So what is this one about, some themes that will be familiar to the longtime listener, but spun in a mature manner, which was new to me. I hope you enjoy it.

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