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Truth and Justice Radio: The Epidemic of Congenital Birth Defects in Iraq

Date Uploaded: 2014-10-25 09:53:50.0
Organizers’ statement: As the United States begins a new Mideast intervention, we should reflect carefully on the outcomes of the most recent occupation.

On 10-15-2014 at MIT, a panel of two experts presented a frightening picture of current conditions in Iraq, not normally seen in the so-called mainstream. Since the U.S. invasions and bombings starting in 1991 and 2003, congenital birth defects there have skyrocketed by a factor of seventeen. They seek more involvement by U.S. academia in support of serious investigation, accountability, and 100% remediation where possible.

The U.S. has involved itself, reluctantly, in investigation and treatment … of returning U.S. soldiers who fall sick, presumably from toxics in the munitions they’ve rained on Iraqis, some at the rate of 300,000 bullets per death. But what about the Iraqis, and particularly, what about pregnant mothers and babies in Iraq? They are far more sensitive to toxics.

Dr Muhsin Al-Sabbak is a practicing Iraqi obstetrician who oversees 12,000 to 14,000 births each year in one of Iraq's biggest maternal hospitals. He recounts what he has seen with his own eyes in the course of this work. His slides include some of the scariest most of us will ever see; they are posted here for download. (TIP FOR LISTENERS: Concentrate, and listen carefully! Dr Al-Sabbak speaks rapidly, with an Iraqi accent, employing many technical words.)

Dr Mozhgan Savabieasfhani is an Iranian environmental toxicologist, currently teaching at University of Michigan. She provides facts, figures, and dramatic slides of her own (also posted here).

The MIT Science for the People seminar series provides a platform for students, staff, and faculty to discuss ideas on how to use science to make a better world.

• MIT Western Hemisphere Project
• South Asia Forum at MIT
• Association for India's Development, MIT
• MIT Science, Technology, and Global Security Working Group
• Massachusetts Global Action

We have posted the respective slide shows at

Building Bridges: Happy Birthday Sonia Sanchez

Date Uploaded: 2014-10-25 09:41:02.0
Celebrating Sonia Sanchez on her Eightieth Birthday
Sonia Sanchez
Jessica Care Moore, internationally renowned poet, publisher, playwright, performance artist,

Now, a tribute to the beloved world renowned poet, humanitarian, scholar,
and activist Sonia Sanchez on her eightieth birthday with Jessica Care Moore, and a special message to all of us from Sonia Sanchez.

Poet, playwright, mother, scholar, lecturer and peace activist, Sonia Sanchez is a renowned force of nature respected in literary and activist communities all over the world and by people of all races, identities, ages and backgrounds. In 2011, Sanchez was selected as the first poet laureate of Philadelphia. She is the author of more than 20 books, and has been awarded countless awards and honors, including the 1985 American Book Award for Homegirls and Handgrenades. She is also the Poetry Society of America s 2001 Robert Frost Medalist. She was the first Presidential Fellow at Temple University and she held the Laura Carnell Chair in English at the university. She came of age in NYC during the Black Arts and Black Power Movements of the 1960s and 70s. Currently based in Philadelphia, the former Harlemite is regarded as the
Godmother of the Black Arts Movement. The late Maya Angelou heralded her as a lion in literature s forest. Today s poets, writers, hip-hop artists, grassroots activists, and public servants alike point to her work as their guiding light. She opened the door for everything we do, says hip-hop artist Talib Kweli.

State Of The City reports: Inner workings of European far right secret governments: ...

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BCFM Drivetime: Bristol City Council surrounded by big business-like secrecy under M...

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CPR News: CPR News, October 24, 2014

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RADIOLA!: "The Not Found Era"

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This RADIOLA! might be losing it.

Global Research News Hour: Rethinking the North Korean Narrative: Conversations with...

Date Uploaded: 2014-10-24 11:22:05.0
On this week's Global Research News Hour we interview two analysts whose views on the Country of North Korea run opposite the way the East Asian country is typically portrayed.

The first guest, Kiyul Chong is a Visiting Professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He has visited North Korea numerous times. Chung corrects typical depictions of North Korea as a human rights pariah, belligerent and dangerous military power.

In the second half hour, Henri Feron, author of the May 5, 2014 article "Doom and Gloom or Economic Boom? The Myth of the “North Korean Economic Collapse” explains that the economic difficulties North Korea has been facing are exaggerated in the Western mind, that they have more to do with the sanctions imposed by foreign powers, the US in particular, and on who might benefit from this depiction of the country.

9-11 Wake-Up Call: OCTOBER 22, 2014 - POLITICIANS FOR 9/11 TRUTH

Date Uploaded: 2014-10-24 07:22:54.0
Cheryl discusses the research showing that conspiracy theorists now outnumber holders of the
official account of 9/11 in response to news articles online. She then interviews Steve Fournier, a local
attorney who is running for Attorney General in CT on a 9/11 Truth platform. That is followed by a look
at Political Leaders for 9//11 Truth:

The Sunrise Ocean Bender: No Freak Out

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La marge: La marge a CKIA 22 octobre 2014 Rock Canadien

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