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Celt In A Twist February 26 2017

Date Uploaded: 2017-02-24 11:07:39.0
Celtic from the Cosmos: The Led Farmers with Space, Tim Readman's Go Blue plus debuts fr. Melisande and Kierah Raymond.

Unusual Sources: Promo for Lia Tarachansky Tour

Date Uploaded: 2017-02-24 11:06:49.0

worldbeatcanada radio february 25 2017

Date Uploaded: 2017-02-24 11:02:44.0
What if you were President? Las Cafeteras reflect Son Jarocho style + Oumou Sangare points to the future of global rhythms. World Beat Canada!

Global Research News Hour: Revolutionary Struggle from Malcolm to Martin to MOVE to ...

Date Uploaded: 2017-02-24 09:26:06.0
On the occasion of Black History Month, and on the week marking the 52nd anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X, we explore the Black Radical tradition in the U.S. and some major touchstones of that history. Abayomi Azikiwe of Pan African News Wire talks about the impact of Malcolm X and Martin King, the connections between racial and economic injustice, and the relevance of the Black Radical tradition today in the Trump era. we hear a July 2016 interview with MOVE member and bombing survivor Ramona Africa about her personal gravitation to the organization and the way forward. Finally, we get an update on the situation with political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal about his plight, and recent and upcoming legal and other actions to support him.

CPR News: CPR News, February 24, 2017

Date Uploaded: 2017-02-24 09:07:36.0

The Thunderbolt: TB 170224 Cold Steel Arms 2X

Date Uploaded: 2017-02-24 03:36:49.0
This week’s archive radio show starts right off with the Toothless Old Grandpa stealing my microphone! (So where the hell else would we end up?)

After I steal it back, I first present both the problem and the solution to Ted Nugent! Then, we conduct a study on how false flags are used to promote fascism — and then the Toothless Old Grandpa explains to the citizens of Chicago why they have nothing to worry about! (However: I suspect that his salty old tongue was firmly ensconced within in his toothless old cheek whilst he was doing so…)

Next, we encourage all of our listeners to go F-%@# yourselves! Really!

After that (if you’re still listening, that is) we nuance evil by illuminating the fact that most of these folks are not so much evil at heart as they are merely adapting to their environment — just like any successful species does! If you find yourself in an environment that lavishly rewards incredibly vile behavior whilst simultaneously severely punishing honorable behavior — well — what’s an adaptating species to do?

The Toothless Old Grandpa then surprises us yet again by taking us to Greenland, where he provides a graphic example of how destroying communities also destroys people.

Finally — for the Grand Thunderbolt Finale — we hurl a high-voltage Thunderbolt at the American foster care system! (It deserves it! Believe me!)

As usual — I’m betting that this week we have a LOT of stuff that you didn’t know about.

As usual — you listen to the Thunderbolt at your own risk!

The Sunrise Ocean Bender: Now Cover Your Body With Black Light

Date Uploaded: 2017-02-24 03:20:16.0

Sunrise Ocean Bender airs in the flesh Thursdays 9-11pm EST on WRIR 97.3 FM, Richmond, Virginia. Downloads are for rebroadcast on other non-profit radio stations.

Earth First! Radio News: Earth First! Update - 23 Feb, 2017

Date Uploaded: 2017-02-23 21:51:29.0
Radical, No Compromise Environmental News with an emphasis on Biodiversity and Direct Action

Reggae Explorations: Reggae Explorations #080

Date Uploaded: 2017-02-23 21:17:05.0
Hosted by Mike Roots, “Reggae Explorations” on Wednesdays from 1:00p to 3:00 PM, is WAPJ’s longest running show, having its start (as “Positive Vibrations”) at the station’s inception in March of 1997.

On “Reggae Explorations” you’ll hear a mix of tracks from newer and lesser known artists, classic tunes, and deeper cuts than you would normally hear elsewhere. In addition, you’ll be treated to the “Motherland Track of the Week”, a “Lovers Rock Set” and even the occasional “surprise” selection.

Mike Roots is a reggae artist and reviewer, and brings an inside perspective with interesting facts to enhance the listening experience. Tune in to “Reggae Explorations” for your weekly excursion into the world of strictly conscious, roots and culture, reggae music.

Unwelcome Guests: #744 - The Machine Stops

Date Uploaded: 2017-02-23 16:36:52.0
This episode is a successor show to episode 639, which examined the connections between technology and totalitarianism. Exceptionally, our title piece is an short story so old as to be no longer under copyright! As a counterpoint to this vintage sci-fi, two other interesting thinkers: a 1974 recording of Ivan Illich on the dangers of mechanising food production while a dependent population are stabulated (housed) in sterile concrete, followed by an introduction to the outrageous ideas of the psychonaut John C. Lilly in particular his dystopian vision of the Solid State Entity.

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