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outFarpress presents: YouthSpeaksOut! on "John Trudell Interview" 1217

Date Uploaded: 2017-12-17 17:59:50.0
53 minutes
This month's YouthSpeaksOut! is a replay of an interview that then Laytonville High student Patty Martin did with Native activist/poet/musician John Trudell in 2006. It is segued with John's poetry and music. John "caught his ride" 2 years ago and his intelligence and artistic skills are really worth hearing again. A refresher course. The show is available at and on our podcast at- feed://
This was not a call-in show.
Here are direct links (which don't always work on PCs- go to the website link above if you have a problem)

PCJ Radio International: PCJ Radio International December 4 2017 to December 17 2017

Date Uploaded: 2017-12-17 16:52:27.0

Radio Ecoshock Show: As Nature Rises, Humans Stumble

Date Uploaded: 2017-12-17 16:30:51.0
Nobody can stop the rising seas. Author and journalist Jeff Goodell tells all in his new book "The Water Will Come: Rising Seas, Sinking Cities, and the Remaking of the Civilized World". Then: carbon warms Earth more as climate shifts, making our future more dangerous than we thought. Join us as we explore new science published by the National Academy with lead author Paul Cepi From University of Reading, UK.

December 17, 2017: New Grass Revival Radio Show

Date Uploaded: 2017-12-17 14:34:35.0

Latin Waves : interviews educator and author Dr Cajete

Date Uploaded: 2017-12-17 14:13:17.0
Sylvia speaks to author, artist and educator Dr. Gregory Cajete, an elder with of the Tewa Peoples, about the ecology of Indigenous education. Faced with the affects of colonization on the lives of indigenous people, a dominant Euro-centric education system can no longer be called neutral. How do we build bridges to the many ways of knowing how we come to know what we know.

December 17, 2017: The Appalachian Sunday Morning - S2

Date Uploaded: 2017-12-17 09:25:48.0

December 17, 2017: The Appalachian Sunday Morning - S1

Date Uploaded: 2017-12-17 07:40:55.0

Subversion #1312: Made For Change

Date Uploaded: 2017-12-17 05:55:30.0
During this show we play some kickass radical music made for change.

Talking about a raacially motivated indigenous death in Australia, Palestine, Bjork and refugee issues in Australia.

Radio Free Radical: Radio Free Radical

Date Uploaded: 2017-12-17 03:23:14.0
Offering you the very best of alternative, independent political / social justice championing / status quo-challenging audio media live-streamed from our website ( and NOW IN MP3 HERE ON RADIO4ALL! 12 HOURS OF PROGRAMMING IN JUST THREE FILES! It's all yours!

New World Notes: #511 -- Comic Satire for Christmas (R)

Date Uploaded: 2017-12-16 19:37:09.0
Some brief commentary by me, five satiric songs, and an imitation Broadway "big production number." All take a comic but critical view of American hypocrisies, religiosity, commercialism, militarism, class warfare, and other Christmastime traditions. See "Notes" for playlist.

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