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December 11, 2017: Let's Have Homecoming - Show # 18

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Where Are the People? as Nuclear Age ends

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The End of the Nuclear Age: Where are the People?; a week of events organized by the Nuclear Energy Information Service to provide balance to the celebrations organized at the University of Chicago on whose campus the first experiment to produce a controlled chain reaction was conducted, December 2, 1942.

Nuclear expert, engineer, and former nuclear utility vice-president Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education Corp, and Dr. Norma Field, professor emeritus, Dept. of East Asian Studies, University of Chicago, offer a sober counter to the promotional hype, given substance by using the University as stage for the celebration of what, along with climate change, threatens to destroy human civilization along with much of the biosphere.

Gundersen talks about his trips to Japan to collect dirt samples following the nuclear reactor explosions and his work with citizens who seek the truth about the levels of contamination they are experiencing; there
is wide spread distrust of the Japanese government and the utility TEPCO. The internet has proved key as a tool for accessing truth
and challenging the lies of government and industry.

He speaks of doctors under order from the Japanese government to diagnose the common effects of radiation as psychological in origin.
And he reveals what he found in the dirt samples he collected and what a FOIA later revealed the NRC knew about the scale of the radiological contamination: ALL of northern Japan.

He comments on the Public Relations use of the 2020 Summer Olympics to clean up the country's image when the past six years have demonstrated the impossibility of decontaminating the land itself.

Dr. Fields speaks about the cultural and social
consequences of the Fukushima disaster, and the shared experiences of Americans and Marshall Islanders who were irradiated as a result of nuclear fall out from the nuclear bomb tests, the experimentation by US Government funded scientists, doctors and researchers on humans, the misuse of science to blame the people effected by their nuclear exposure for the mental stress and adverse health effects. Both speak of the social stigma being irradiated produces and the failure of the Japanese government, like the US Government to prioritize human health and well being over
political and financial interests. Feilds refers to Representative Ed Markey and his Committee's report on human radiation experiments, one of which took place on the University of Chicago's campus. She raises concerns over the absence of any public critical assessment, during the 75th anniversary hoopla, by the University or its scientific community of the larger ramifications and the ethical course that Fermi's successful experiment has lead US and all of mankind on.

Brad's Vinyl: Close Enough for Rock 'N Roll

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Brad's Vinyl: Songs From The Wood - Jethro Tull

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Brad's Vinyl: The Serpent is Rising - Styx

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Brad's Vinyl: Missing Persons EP - Missing Persons

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Brad's Vinyl: Morrison Hotel - The Doors

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Brad's Vinyl: Tarkus - Emerson, Lake & Palmer

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Frequency Theory: Frequency Theory 1742 "Soft Robotics"

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Frequency Theory: Frequency Theory 1741 "Snakefoot"

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