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Cool Jazz Set: Thoughtful Swing; 10/21/18; set 2

Date Uploaded: 2018-10-22 04:30:04.0

Radio Free Radical: Radio Free Radical

Date Uploaded: 2018-10-21 23:25:46.0
Offering you the very best of alternative, independent political / social justice championing / status quo-challenging audio media live-streamed from our website ( and NOW IN MP3 HERE ON RADIO4ALL! 12 HOURS OF PROGRAMMING IN JUST THREE FILES! It's all yours!

outFarpress presents: YouthSpeaksOut! on "Sexual Assault and Consent"

Date Uploaded: 2018-10-21 17:50:21.0
Dear All,
This month's YouthSpeaksOut! was on sexual assault, consent, and the Kavanaugh hearings. The first half is a presentation by Travis from Project Sanctuary on sexual assault and consent, given to Laytonville Peer Counselors. Then the students talk about sexual harassment and the Kavanaugh hearings. A very informative show.
Our podcast now works so here is a link to get an automatic notification of new YSO! shows- feed://

Class War Battlefield Podcast: Episode 2018.09. On Socialism as a Terrifyingly Obvio...

Date Uploaded: 2018-10-21 14:57:34.0
I am having a little fun with the title because all to many victims of Capitalism believe the untruths about Socialisms degradation of societies. They have swallowed, then regurgitated into their Babes mouths, the untruths – lies, spread prior to the McCarthy Era – during a the late 1800s when workers didn’t seek Socialism for political ends but Socialism for Social ends. When workers desired to control production, the large scale industrial mechanisms being built throughout the world, for their benefit and the ultimate benefit of generations to come. Cooperatives where to be Socialisms major communication tool, not just for the realm known as Business (Busy-ness) which would have been done away in favor of the Ancient concept of Trades and Crafts; but also for that realm we call Government. This was the vision held by all trade-unionists unconvinced by the slithering tongues of Capitalisms feudal loving pitchmen. Unbought by their glorious though empty vision, these special ones remembered the rules of critical thought and begged the masses to awaken to the trap being prepared for them. Unfortunately, their warnings were heeded – or were they? Today, tomorrow, next year and next decade we shall see. This podcast is a discussion of Socialism as an idea, a way to see Socialism from the plight which we find ourselves in. Hopefully it goes along way to feed your appetite for the future, because only your Willful determination will end what is promising to be a very fracturing destination.

The Stuph File Program With Peter Anthony Holder: The Stuph File Program - Episode #...

Date Uploaded: 2018-10-21 14:52:29.0
An eclectic collection of interviews and odd news designed to entertain

The Mind's Ear: Regret This Very Day, Vol. II: "Fraternally We Stand"

Date Uploaded: 2018-10-21 14:03:24.0
On November 18th, 1978, 918 people perished in Guyana in what has come to be known as the Jonestown Tragedy. The vast majority of those who perished were American citizens, and the Jonestown Tragedy remained the greatest loss of American life in a single deliberate act until the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11th, 2001. “Regret this very Day” is a multi-part, nonlinear experimental radio documentary about the Peoples Temple and its charismatic founder Jim Jones produced by Ernestus Jiminy Chald. Unlike more traditional documentaries, “Regret this very Day” has no narrator or explanatory notes to fill the listener in on the particularities of what occurred within the Peoples Temple. Instead, Ernestus Jiminy Chald laboriously examined hundreds of hours of recorded tapes left behind by the Peoples Temple and selected material directly from these tapes to give the listener an insider glimpse into the world that Jim Jones and his followers inhabited.

People often wonder how this sort of event could have happened. Why would nearly 1,000 people become so devoted to a single man and his revolutionary cause that they would literally give up their lives for him when ordered to do so? To many, such a notion seems absurd and unfathomable. But when one listens to these tapes, and considers the circumstances surrounding what happened in Jonestown on that fateful day and the events that led up to it, a portrait begins to emerge of a community that simply wanted to create a better world for their children than the racist, hateful world that American society offered them, and of the captivating leader who promised to create that world for them.

Latin Waves : interviews Canadian activist and author Yves Engler

Date Uploaded: 2018-10-21 09:43:33.0
Yves Engler has been described as "Canada's version of Noam Chomsky" (Georgia Straight), “one of the most important voices on the Canadian Left today

Yves Engler is a Montreal writer and political activist. In addition to ten published books, Engler's writings have appeared in the alternative press and in mainstream publications such as The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen and Ecologist. Host Sylvia Richardson interviews Yves on his newest book, "Left, Right Marching to the Beat of Imperial Canada" , they speak about the need to go beyond traditional leftist political parties and left leaning groups such as labor as the left is supposed to be opposed to colonialism and at least skeptical of nationalism.

However, Left, Right shows that, for decades now, this hasn't been the case in Canad

October 21, 2018: The Appalachian Sunday Morning - S2

Date Uploaded: 2018-10-21 09:11:48.0

October 21, 2018: The Appalachian Sunday Morning - S1

Date Uploaded: 2018-10-21 07:10:32.0

The Sunrise Ocean Bender: Somethin’ That I Cannot Solve By Myself

Date Uploaded: 2018-10-21 03:47:13.0
Label / Radio / / Sunrise Ocean Bender airs in the flesh Thursdays 9-11pm EST on WRIR 97.3 FM, Richmond, Virginia / Downloads are for rebroadcast on other non-profit radio stations.

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