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Taylor Report: Kagame's Sponsors Avert Their Eyes While Repression Continues in...

Date Uploaded: 2019-01-20 17:41:27.0
The world has heard that Victoire Ingabire has been released after 8 years in Kagame's prisons. But the world is not being reminded that leading members of her party are still in prison without trial - and that one of them has disappeared with no explanation from authorities.

Meanwhile, Victoire herself is being falsely accused by a monolithic media of association with terrorists. Justin Bahunga speaks to both matters.

Latin Waves : interviews Jorge Marti secretariat of Hands off Venezuela

Date Uploaded: 2019-01-20 17:06:56.0
Host Sylvia Richardson speaks to Jorge Marti secretariat of Hands off Venezuela about recent events in Venezuela that can be seen as setting the stage for Coup in the near future. Venezuela has been under attack from the US since a socialist government was first elected in 1998, their was a failed Coup attempt in 2002, Venezuela has seen hard times due to the collapse in oil prices and severe sanctions by the US and EU that have frozen oversees assets.

Washington, Brussels, London and right wing Latin American governments are using this crisis calling for intervention based on humanitarian grounds while conveniently ignoring human rights violations in places like Honduras and Columbia.

The Alembic Files: Phantasms of Freedom, Part 4a

Date Uploaded: 2019-01-20 12:25:24.0
In Phantasms of Freedom, Part 4a, Eric the Blacksmith continues his discussion of the Anti-Federalists. Lawrence Dennis’ book “Behind The Dictators” is mentioned, as is “Poetic Perplexities.” In this segment, some tangents are tackled. More from “Hologram of Liberty.”

A new day, a new scandal. John Murran’s 1988 work discussing the Colonies. George Washington’s quest for power, especially in Congress. Patriots and “Tea Partiers”.. “History of The Supreme Court” by Gustavus Myers. Justice Scalia and DNA acquisition. Washington’s letter to John Jay. The Judicial Juggernaut continues unabated. John Marshall and contracts. More on Charles Beard’s book “An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of The United States.”

(Teflon Ron) Reagan and his off-the-cuff speeches...and Apple Pie and Mom. Rome and diplomatic ties. The Curse of Tecumseh. John Mellon’s book “A Farewell to Justice.”

The 1787 Convention and Ben Franklin. Eric John Phelps. “Politician” does not equate to “Christian.” The observations of Lawrence Dennis. Of Sarah Palin and admission fees. Connecticut politics: need more be said? Illegal immigrants and drivers licenses. “The Camp of The Saints.”

Unemployment and home buying - seller’s market, buyer’s market?

Trotsky’s observations. Russians: They never met a word they didn’t like.

On the Draft and wordsmithing. “Voluntoldism.” The CW and props…

A brief discussion of Orwell’s “1984” on the Silver Screen...

(Continued in Part 4b)

Radio Ecoshock Show: Global Heat Alert

Date Uploaded: 2019-01-20 11:48:09.0
While Washington spins, here is the real alert. We may be in a rapid shift of warming on Earth. Interviews with top ice scientist Eric Rignot on Antarctic ice rush; Yangyang Xu - fast heat from air cleanup; and Julio Herrera Estrada on super drought science.

The Alembic Files: Your Life is Their Toy - Part 19

Date Uploaded: 2019-01-20 11:06:26.0
Health and life are man's most precious possessions; and anxiety to preserve them is natural. It is not surprising, therefore, that they have been exploited since time immemorial. Every age has had its charlatans, quacks and medicine men.
Much in the same measure as social organization has attained its highest pitch in the present era, the exploitation of health and life today has reached its zenith. Never before in history has there arisen such an extensive conspiracy about the problem of public health of entire nations, involving well-organized, opposing political and commercial groups.
The consequence of this welter of exploitation is the sacrifice of human comfort, happiness, health and life.
--Emanuel Josephson, 1941, "Your Life is Their Toy."

January 20, 2019: The Appalachian Sunday Morning - S2

Date Uploaded: 2019-01-20 10:30:44.0

January 20, 2019: The Appalachian Sunday Morning - S1

Date Uploaded: 2019-01-20 09:54:02.0

The Jazz Scene: The Jazz Scene 1902

Date Uploaded: 2019-01-19 21:38:20.0
Segment One

Silver Hollow by Chuck Deardorf

CD: Perception (Origin)

Seven Come Eleven by Herbie Mann and Sam Most

CD: The Herbie Man-Sam Most Quintet (Bethlehem)

Three for Lorenzo by Marco Spedalieri

CD: Friendship (BananaJoe)

Segment Two

Nardis by LeeAnn Ledgerwood

CD: Now and Zen (Steeplechase)

I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You by Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass

CD: Easy Living (Pablo/OJC)

Mr. Bow Tie by Houston Person and Ron Carter

CD: Dialogues (HighNote)

Segment Three

Saturdays by Stacy Dillard

CD: Elite State of Mind (MIH)

Angels Just Are by Bruce Forman

CD: Forman on the Job (Kamei)

The Stuph File Program With Peter Anthony Holder: The Stuph File Program - Episode #...

Date Uploaded: 2019-01-19 21:36:07.0
An eclectic collection of interviews and odd news designed to entertain

Taylor Report: US-Canada Autoworkers' United Action to Keep Plants Open

Date Uploaded: 2019-01-19 20:06:35.0
The GM decision to close plants in the US and Canada ignited rank-and-file campaigns, uniting workers in both countries against the profiteers. The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and the Auto Worker Caravan organized events at GM's showcase feature in Detroit. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (DSA member) was a featured speaker.

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