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December 14, 2018 S-2: Manning The Console

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-14 09:36:58.0

December 14, 2018 S-3: Manning The Console

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-14 09:32:04.0

December 14, 2018 S-1: Manning The Console

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-14 07:12:06.0

The Sunrise Ocean Bender: I Wish You Could Be

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-14 05:29:38.0
Label / Radio / / Sunrise Ocean Bender airs in the flesh Thursdays 9-11pm EST on WRIR 97.3 FM, Richmond, Virginia / Downloads are for rebroadcast on other non-profit radio stations.

CPR News: Weekday World, December 14, 2018

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-14 03:56:38.0

THE THUNDERBOLT: TB 181214 Capitalism Gone Wild 2X

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-13 16:45:32.0
This week’s archive radio show features capitalism condensed. A microcosm of capitalism. A perfect metaphor of capitalism.

Meet Nauru. This week Nauru gets Thunderbolted.

outFarpress presents: The Shortwave Report 12/14/18 Listen Globally!

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-13 15:11:51.0
A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. With times, frequencies, and websites for listening at home. 3 files- Highest quality broadcast, regular broadcast, and slow-modem streaming. NHK Japan, Radio Havana Cuba, Spanish National Radio, and Sputnik Radio.

The Sonic Cafe: Sonic Cafe #116/Get Back On Evolutionary Track

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-13 12:02:25.0
Sonic Café. Hey welcome, I’m your host Scott Clark inviting you to synch up your Bluetooth headphones and listen as episode 116 of the Sonic Café evolves right in front of your ears. We’re told we either evolve and adapt to our ever-changing environment, or risk extinction. But that’s not always easy. So if you feel like you’ve fallen a bit behind the evolutionary curve lately, the Sonic Café is here to help with an evolutionary mix that includes observations from comedian Brian Malow. Brian’s take, is that mother’s are the root cause of all human evolution… accomplished he thinks, by literally nagging their children up the evolutionary ladder. Well ahh maybe. Also listen for a music mix to guaranteed to help evolve your reality, including tunes from Portugal The Man, World Trade, Clutch, Donnie Iris, Kings of Leon and many more. Plus evolutionary jazz from sax man Ornette Coleman, whose Something Else album caused a revolution in the jazz world when it was released in 1958. Then later comedian George Carlin demonstrates how language has evolved from simple direct words that spoke the truth, to squishy, watered down euphemisms that sound important but don’t really communicate all that well … oh and a big Sonic Café welcome to our newest sponsor. Listen for a chance to evolve your language skills with the Joe Jacobson vocabulary builder upper. All that and of course more, so grab your copy of Charles Darwin’s, the origin of species and evolve right along with us here at the little café on the coast, that brings you intelligent, eclectic, radio that’s fun, we’re the Sonic Café.

Reggae Explorations: Reggae Explorations #160 (Radio Edit)

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-13 09:34:45.0
On “Reggae Explorations” you’ll hear a mix of tracks from newer and lesser known artists, classic tunes, and deeper cuts than you would normally hear elsewhere. In addition, you’ll be treated to the “Motherland Track of the Week”, an occasional “Lovers Rock Set”, and even selections from off the beaten path.

Mike Roots is a reggae artist and reviewer, and brings an inside perspective with interesting facts to enhance the listening experience. Tune in to “Reggae Explorations” for your weekly excursion into the world of strictly conscious, roots and culture, reggae music.

Reggae Explorations can be heard on the following stations:

Global Community Radio (GCR2), Geneva, NY, Mondays 4-6pm ET

KBOG 97.9 FM in Bandon, OR, Wednesdays 10pm-12am PST

WAPJ FM 89.9 & 105.1 FM (Flagship), Torrington, CT, Wednesdays 1-3pm ET

WXDR-LP 99.1 FM, New Orleans, Thursdays 7-9pm CT

CPR News: CPR News, December 13, 2018

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-13 05:17:36.0

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