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The Mind's Ear: "Brain Salad"

Date Uploaded: 2018-06-18 10:42:01.0
The Mind's Ear Program #24: "Brain Salad"

The Mind's Ear: "The Attic"

Date Uploaded: 2018-06-18 10:26:40.0
What is Ernestus Jiminy Chald hiding in his attic? Find out by listening to his latest experimental radio drama, "The Attic".

Tune in to The Mind's Ear every Saturday night at 9 p.m (PST) and every Sunday night at 7 p.m. (PST) on Free Radio Santa Cruz (101.3 FM).

For more information, visit: and

Radio Free Radical: Radio Free Radical

Date Uploaded: 2018-06-18 09:51:28.0
Offering you the very best of alternative, independent political / social justice championing / status quo-challenging audio media live-streamed from our website ( and NOW IN MP3 HERE ON RADIO4ALL! 12 HOURS OF PROGRAMMING IN JUST THREE FILES! It's all yours!

CPR News: CPR News, June 18, 2018

Date Uploaded: 2018-06-18 06:09:24.0

Cool Jazz Set: Swingin' with Dad; 6/17/18; set 1

Date Uploaded: 2018-06-18 04:39:01.0

Cool Jazz Set: Swingin' with Dad; 6/17/18; set 2

Date Uploaded: 2018-06-18 04:36:27.0

CPR News: Weekday World, June 18, 2018

Date Uploaded: 2018-06-18 04:22:06.0

This Week In Palestine: Ali Abunimah on who REALLY tried to corrupt our presidential...

Date Uploaded: 2018-06-17 19:01:38.0
Palestinian journalist Ali Abunimah spoke at the annual conference of Washington Report on Middle East Affairs in March of 2018. We present that speech here.

After noting that Hillary Clinton was eminently capable of losing even a pristine election, Abunimah reviews the evidence of foreign interference by Russia and finds it unconvincing. Meanwhile, there is lots of evidence of Israeli interference in the opposite direction. And similar forces are trying to prevent the City of Cambridge from committing to the Hewlett-Packard BDS campaign, and trying to prevent Congress from passing a bill, HR4391, Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children.

New World Notes: #537 -- Decade War (R)

Date Uploaded: 2018-06-17 17:32:35.0
Selections from Skidmark Bob's fine 2011 audio collage on the horrors and futility of the US's recent wars. An engaging mix of Hollywood film clips, TV news clips, new and old music--and a good British documentary about the experiences of soldiers, in a doomed outpost in Afghanistan, slowly being wiped out by the Taliban.

Musical highlights include a stunning update of Country Joe's "Feels Like I'm Fixin' to Die"--plus original (1965) AND punk-rock versions of "Eve of Destruction."

The Motherland Influence: The Motherland Influence June 17, 2018

Date Uploaded: 2018-06-17 16:42:37.0
African, Latin & Caribbean music

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