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Vyzygoth's Clubhouse: Fireplace Watching Xmas Muzik

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-08 14:56:49.0
Seamless Xmas tunes with which to watch the Yule logs burn.

Martian Gardens Episode 957 Hour 1

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-08 14:31:44.0

Nonviolent Direct Action: NDA 9 - A Conversation with Ex-CIA Analyst Ray McGovern - ...

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-08 07:48:39.0
Jack Gilroy interviewed Ray McGovern on November 21 and December 2, 2018. Topics include Ray's long career as a CIA analyst and briefer for several U.S. Presidents, and also Russiagate, the necessity of civil resistance, and the recent death of George H.W. Bush.

Lake Air: Lake Air 1815

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-07 19:26:02.0
Segment One

The Beautiful Game by Acoustic Alchemy

CD: The Beautiful Game (Higher Octave)

A Gentle Breeze by Sandy Owen

CD: Heart Crossings (Ivory)

Hang On to Your Love by Sade

CD: Diamond Life (Epic)

Lands of Fire by Roberto Perera

CD: Alma del Sur: Music of South America (Narada)

Segment Two

Miles Away by Dave Bradshaw Jr.

CD: Flipside (self-released)

The Constant Search by Steve Haun

CD: Inside the Sky (Silver Wave)

Louisiana Sunday Afternoon by Diane Schuur

CD: Talkin' 'Bout You (GRP)

New Beginnings by Dave Valentin

CD: Kalahari (GRP)

Segment Three

Twilight Ride by Paul Taylor

CD: Pleasure Seeker (Unity)

Waltz for Ruth Gordon by Ron Murray

CD: Prelude in Pastel (North Star)

You've Got it by Simply Red

CD: A New Flame (Elektra)

Love Makes it Better by Grover Washington Jr.

CD: A Secret Place (Verve)

Celt In A Twist Contemporary Celtic Radio Hour: Celt In A Twist December 9 2018

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-07 17:01:26.0
Afro Celt Sound System debut The Migration Melody part of an hour's migration around the Celtic world with stops in Portugal, Spain & Denmark.

worldbeatcanada radio: worldbeatcanada radio december 8 2018

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-07 16:57:11.0
Synth-Psych from Andalucia fronts 14 tracks of global goodness incl. Punk Rocksteady fr. Mad Caddies, Mariachi el Bronx and Sarazino.

This Week In Palestine: On Israel's 1948 freezing and theft of all Palestinians...

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-07 16:21:59.0
Palestinian scholar Sreemati Mitter has done an enormous amount of research on the freezing of Arab Palestinian bank accounts by Israel following its declaration of Independence, and she is writing a book about it. She gave this talk in Washington DC, where she was introduced by Yusef Munayyer.

Israel not only drove Arab Palestinians off their land and took their homes, it also froze their money, and took it. Sreemati tells the riveting story of how they fought this outrage. They were defeated at turn after turn, until a Jordanian attorney finally found an uncorrupted court venue. He sued and won 50 lawsuits there, at which point Israel finally agreed to pay back ... but couldn't do so now because it had "already spent" the funds it had grabbed! Listen to learn how the victims eventually got their money, plus a bit of interest.

The Berkeley Signal: the berkeley signal 22

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-07 15:46:58.0
Excerpts from Donald Drumpf Theatre, Guns and Butter, Deconstructed, Democracy Now, Rising Up with Sonali and Between the Lines. Music from Mojo Nixon, The Chieftans, T-Bone Walker, Manak E, Zona Marginal and Tracy Chapman.

State Of The City reports: King Netanyahu bringing on Armageddon: ruler of Israel�...

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-07 14:53:49.0

BCFM Drivetime: Will PM Theresa May resign when she deliberately loses next week...

Date Uploaded: 2018-12-07 14:21:23.0

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