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The Stuph File Program With Peter Anthony Holder: The Stuph File Program - Episode #...

Date Uploaded: 2019-08-18 12:20:10.0
An eclectic collection of interviews and odd news designed to entertain

Indigenous in Music with Larry K: Tchutchu in our Spotlight Interview (Electronica, ...

Date Uploaded: 2019-08-18 08:31:16.0

Indigenous in Music with Larry K: Tchutchu in our Spotlight Interview (Electronica, ...

Date Uploaded: 2019-08-18 08:20:26.0
Encore Presentation: Welcome to indigenous in Music! This week Larry welcomes into our Spotlight from the Onion Lake Cree Nation, Saskatchewan, Canada, Mr. Chu Chu. He has just released his new album, a mix a high energy electronica dance. Entitled “A Tribe of My Own." You can find him on his facebook and his music on Spotify.

Enjoy music from Tchutchu, Nortec Collective, Dj Bitman, STOik, Aleah Belle, Plex, Black Bear, A Tribe Called Red, Eagle & Hawk, VILDA, Cody Coyote, Centavrvs, Stolen Identity, Elastic Bond, Julian Taylor Band, Systema Solar, Funkreal, Brain Hedges, Laura Niquay, Moe Clark, Quinn Bonnell, Jasmine Netsena, Federico Aubele, Celeigh Cardinal, Chris Ferree, Sofi Tukker, Bomba Estereo, Campo, Carsen Gray, Red Rockerz, DJ Krayzkree, Jamie Prado, Captain Planet, Whilk & Misky, Yoqui, Northern Cree Singers, DJ Shub and much much more.

Visit us on our website We have underwriting opportunities available. Indigenous in Music, a non-profit, section 501(c)(3).

At The Tone: Tone 5

Date Uploaded: 2019-08-18 07:01:38.0
A trip through the world of library music, soundtracks, test cards, easy tempo, psychedelic pop & shortwave radio.

August 18, 2019: The Appalachian Sunday Morning S-1

Date Uploaded: 2019-08-18 06:56:55.0

Furious George Show: Trumpacolypse Now: The Orange Supremacist and Domestic Terror

Date Uploaded: 2019-08-18 06:20:29.0
HERE is the show were we take down the Orange Supremacists in Chief, highlighting the domestic terrorist who killed 22 people in El Paso as he and other Reich Wingers demonize vulnerable asylum seekers who are "tired, and poor, and sick." We get help from a team of democratic candidates for pres (targeting Rump ad not fighting other!), DL Hughley rips the white nationalist police state , Mayer rips the Rump for his obscene trip to El Paso (and for being a whiny little bitch), Fiore helps explain how the Rump is Making the Apocalypse Great Again, John Oliver hits on Rump's lack of basic human dignity, Amy Goodman connects the dots between rapists, murderers, and crypto-fascists people like Steve King, Trevor Noah hits the Rump on Supremacists, and the Handmaids Tale brings it all together!!!

The Secret Truth: Ghislaine Maxwell, Leslie Wexner - time to arrest Jeffrey Epstein&...

Date Uploaded: 2019-08-18 03:47:40.0

Talk is Cheap: Natural Healing of Bipolar Disease with Eva Edelman

Date Uploaded: 2019-08-17 14:59:55.0
In studio interview with Eugene resident Eva Edelman who wrote the book on natural healing of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Building Bridges: Immigrant Workers Terrorized in Mississippi ICE Raids

Date Uploaded: 2019-08-17 11:26:50.0
Immigrant Workers Terrorized in Mississippi Raids By Trumps ICE While He Grandstands in El Paso After Triggering White Nationalist Massacre!
Bill Chandler, Executive Director, Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance
Luis Espinoza, Central Mississippi Community Organizer

While Trump was forcing himself on El Paso, a city that wanted no part of him, he sent his immigration officials to several Mississippi food processing plants where they terrorized thousands of workers.

This ICE operation should be considered an act of terror committed against working families by the Trump administration, acting under the guise of profoundly unjust immigration laws inspired by racist and xenophobic contempt against people from Mexico and Latin America. Raids targeting workers who are fighting every day to care for their families are a waste of public resources that could otherwise be spent combatting the white nationalist terrorism that has claimed the lives of so many over the years, including the other week in Texas.

As "Oscar Chacon, Executive Director of Alianza Americas said, We must redouble our efforts to protect vulnerable families. For we who are dedicated to social justice and human dignity we must step up to protect the families being attacked being attacked, they are our neighbors who make massive economic and cultural contributions to our communities and country.

Upstate Radio Theatre: Upstate Radio Theatre 1924

Date Uploaded: 2019-08-16 17:41:39.0
An hour of sounds from The Golden Age Of Radio.

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