Script/Transcript for program: Mysterious Deaths of Microbiologists

Hi, this is Jody Paulson from Moscow, ID with what they don't tell you.

I don't like the news I'm about to tell you. I think it provokes fear and perhaps a feeling of helplessness. But the thugs behind this news are like vampires -- they can only operate in the dark. It is my sincere hope that someone will connect the dots in these cases, and those dots point to a perpetrator that can be apprehended and dealt with. The lives of untold numbers of people may be at stake. That being said, nearly two dozen of the world's leading microbiologists have been found dead under mysterious circumstances after the first US anthrax attacks in 2001.

In just two months, November and December 2001:

Benito Que, who specialized in infectious diseases, was found beaten to death outside his laboratory. Former Soviet bioweapons expert, Vladimir Pasechnik, died of a reported stroke. Leading DNA sequencing researcher, Robert Schwartz, was found stabbed to death. Microbiologist Set Van Nguyen died an airtight storage lab filled with deadly nitrogen.

World-renowned biochemist Don Wiley's car was found in the middle of the Mississippi River Bridge, with the engine running. Thirty-five days later, Dr. Wiley's body was fished out of the river, 300 miles south of where he vanished. Incidently, the Memphis Coroner O.C. Smith, the man who performed the autopsy on Wiley, was soon after found lying in a stairwell, wrapped in barbed wire, with a live bomb strapped to his chest. Smith, who survived the attack, declines to talk about it.

Then in February and March '02:

The head of Russian State Medical University microbiology lab, Victor Korshunov, was found dead of blunt head injuries in the entrance of his house. No arrests, no suspects.

Microbiologist Ian Langford, an expert in environmental risks and disease, was found dead at his blood-spattered, ransacked home, his body naked from the waist down and partly wedged under a chair. Again, no arrests, no suspects.

Dr. Tanya Holzmayer, who had co-invented a tool that has helped find hundreds of molecular targets to combat cancer and HIV, was found shot to death at her front door by a former colleage who then immediately killed himself. Case closed. The only witness was a pizza delivery man who worked for a non-existent pizza place.

David Wynn-Williams, an award-winning microbiologist, was killed after being struck by a vehicle while jogging.

The very next day, Steven Mostow, one of the country's leading experts on infectious disease, died in a small plane crash.

This list goes on -- I've only described four months for you folks. And let's not forget the 'suicide' of microbiologist David Kelly, source for BBC reports that actual information on Iraqi WMD did not support government conclusions used to justify the war on Iraq. Dr. Kelly was Britain's leading expert on Baghdad's weapons programs, and one of the world's most renowned microbiologists.

Could any of these mysterious deaths be connected? Who would want these people dead? Did these leading experts on microbiology and disease pose some sort of a threat to someone with their either their knowledge or expertise? I don't know, but something's fishy -- author Steve Quayle alleges that 40 microbiologists have died under suspicious circumstances in the past four years -- most specializing in vaccines or bio-weapons research.

Thanks to for much of the information for this commentary.

I'm Jody Paulson, and I just thought you should know.