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Sometimes "comment" comes closer to truth than the "news"...
---Cris Andreae, AirCascadia, kboo fm network : news and public affairs
'Shovel Ready' indeed: Industrial Hemp is set to save Oregon.
Submitted by Cris Andreae on Thu, 04/08/2010 - 11:21am
Air Cascadia
program date:
Thu, 04/08/2010
* Length: 15:57 minutes

Liquefied Natural Disaster, the Massey Massacre & 'Lee' speaks for the street
Submitted by Cris Andreae on Wed, 04/07/2010 - 11:21am
Air Cascadia
program date:
Wed, 04/07/2010

And the Saga continues... We are still telling Northwest Natural, Oregon LNG, Palomar and the rest or the corporados that Oregon doesnât want, need or is willing to risk taking a flyer on liquefied natural gas. Yet we are still rallying in Astoria and in the State capital. Communities that would be hardest hit by these misguided game of chance have drawn a line in the sand. No one is backing down. Some of the protest signs are showing signs of wear and tear: Not so the people carrying them. And there are more at every hearing, rally, protest, action. . Liquefied Natural 'Grab' indeed.

April Fools Day is over but one idea lives on. And it's no joke. âLiquefied Natural Grass' was brunt of the stunt. But industrial hemp has some serious answers to the problems plagueing the State. First off, think of the revenue it would generate, think of the potential energy it could generate. Think of the forests it would from the Biomass burners. Think of the soil it would save from being sucked dry by hungrier crops. We even passed a bill last year legalizing it. Now we are waiting for the federal government to wake up and smell the croppers.
* Length: 17:38 minutes

Cops shooting Cutters? Next: Bullets for Bulimics? & Massey Mining rushes to rescue it's reputation
Submitted by Cris Andreae on Tue, 04/06/2010 - 11:14am
Air Cascadia
program date:
Tue, 04/06/2010

Let's think this through: An alcohol-enfeebled elderly man spends what, oh say, an hour, slashing away at himself with a blade and fails to do much damage. In fact, he is unscathed to the point that he is capable of wandering around Hoyt Arboretum yelling at yuppies and brandishing said blade (In the audio clip of Walters 'splainin' what happened, the officer himself refers to the weapon as a 'razor'.) Is it reasonable to believe that this man, Jack Collins, posed a threat to anyone's life? Particularly the life of a police officer whose whole career is predicated on training for situations exactly like this one that occurred last month in the park? Taking a casual inventory (And excluding whatever training the policemen might have had in the physical restraint of suspects), Walters packed a taser, a baton, pepper spray........and a gun. Why not knock the blade out of the man's hand with the baton? Walters was out sick the day they covered the proceedure in basic training? Why not opt for the pepper spray? Was Walters afraid he himself might get a dose of the nasty stuff? And why not the all-mighty taser, friend of every minion of totalitariarn governments worldwide (Those that can afford the things anyway...)? The coat! It was the coat! Officer Walters feared that Jack Collin's coat was too thick for the 100 thousand volts to penetrate at close range. That left the gun. I'm left with the image of a helpless, hopeless homeless old man bleeding to death on the cold ground...wearing a warm winter coat. 'Very Portland'...
* Length: 16:14 minutes
This audio is part of the collection: Open Source Audio

Date: 2010-04-08

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