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Reggae Explorations: Reggae Explorations #101

Date Uploaded: 2017-08-23 21:05:49.0
Hosted by Mike Roots, “Reggae Explorations” on Wednesdays from 1:00p to 3:00 PM, is WAPJ’s longest running show, having its start (as “Positive Vibrations”) at the station’s inception in March of 1997.

On “Reggae Explorations” you’ll hear a mix of tracks from newer and lesser known artists, classic tunes, and deeper cuts than you would normally hear elsewhere. In addition, you’ll be treated to the “Motherland Track of the Week”, a “Lovers Rock Set” and even the occasional “surprise” selection.

Mike Roots is a reggae artist and reviewer, and brings an inside perspective with interesting facts to enhance the listening experience. Tune in to “Reggae Explorations” for your weekly excursion into the world of strictly conscious, roots and culture, reggae music.

Donald Drumpf Theatre: Donald Drumpf Theatre Vol. 32

Date Uploaded: 2017-08-23 19:32:23.0
Donald Drumpf Theatre: Vol. 32 Know Your Rights. This week, our hero returns to the scene of the crime. An original radio theatre show each week, with most sounds culled from the previous week, about a fictional, theatrical presidency. Contradictions tell the story, with songs, skits, and clips from political news shows and late-night comedy routines. The definition of "radio theatre" is stretched here, with an updated Dickie Goodman and/or Richard Foreman-meets-mashup style sometimes, and a more straightforward take other weeks. Currently, the network has ordered another 15 episodes, but there are threats of cancellation. Anyone who would like to work on a production, or have their work air in this timeslot, should contact

Cheeze Pleeze With Snarfdude & Daffodil : Cheeze Pleeze # 687

Date Uploaded: 2017-08-23 18:11:49.0
The in laws are coming to the the form of inlaw songs...yes, there is such a thing, a cool hippie song from a well known actor from the 70s and it's time for a trip to the saloon with some piano sounds of a bartender type.

Bristol Broadband Co-operative: Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution? Stroud’s ...

Date Uploaded: 2017-08-23 16:29:45.0

The Mixed Tape: The Mixed Tape - August 22, 2017

Date Uploaded: 2017-08-23 13:31:52.0
Brian Cleveland is joined by the awesome participants from Local 107.3FM's first-ever Youth Radio Camp to play a selection of new Canadian music. This week's episode features tracks from Adam Washburn, Canailles, Pick A Piper, Philippe B, and more.

Takes on the World: Christine Ahn on No. Korean-US Stand-Off

Date Uploaded: 2017-08-23 11:41:50.0
On the third day of joint US-So. Korean military exercises on North Korean border, activist, writer, and scholar Seoul-born Christine Ahn speaks about the necessity of securing a peace treaty between the two Koreas and the so far insurmountable obstacles to doing so, the most important of which is the client state relationship that South Korea has with Washington and how the US uses the conflict with the North in its efforts to counter China economically.

She speaks about the difficulty the new So. Korean president, Moon Jae-in, has in standing up to Washington, given that the US would exert control over the South's army in any conflict with the North, although Moon has promised that there will be no war on the peninsula during his presidency.

One of the problems, Ahn, notes, is determining exactly what is the Trump administration's position since while Sec of State Rex Tillerson tries to assure the world and Kim Jong-un that overthrowing his regime is not the US objective, CIA Director Mike Pompeo says publicly that it is. The ongoing exercises appear to substantiate Pompeo's goal since it includes preparation for regime decapitation.

Ahn also takes the listener back to the earlier history of the South when it was dominated by US backed dictators while the North benefited from its trade with the East European Socialist Bloc during the Cold War up to the time of impeached president Park Geun-hye who created an extensive blacklist of political and artistic critics of her administration which included Ahn, herself, who tells about finding herself of Park Geun-hye's “no fly” list.

Park Geun-hye, she notes, was ready to forgive Japan for its abuse of 200,000 Korean women who were forced into roles as “comfort women” for the Japanese army during its occupation and was ready, under pressure from Washington, to make South Korea part of a military alliance with Japan and the US, despite the unpopularity of Japan among the South Korean public.

And much more.

Takes on the World: Jeff Blankfort: News/Op: Ugly History of Korean War

Date Uploaded: 2017-08-23 11:10:32.0
This commentary begins with Steve Bannon being given the ax for the wrong reason by Trump, for stating that there is no military solution to US-Korea standoff and US should withdraw its troops in exchange for the verified freezing by North of its nuclear weapons program.

The rest of the program explores the bloody history of what has been referred to as “the forgotten war” citing comments from US officials including Gen. Curtis Le May, Defense Secretary Robert Lovett, Dean Rusk, and rare description of the carnage by Gen. MacArthur,

He concludes with quotes from pamphlet by British Official John Pratt showing that the South initiated the war.

CPR News: CPR News, August 23, 2017

Date Uploaded: 2017-08-23 09:23:37.0

Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine: Between the Lines for the Week Ending Septemb...

Date Uploaded: 2017-08-23 08:54:34.0
No Government Safeguards Stand Between Donald Trump and Nuclear War; DOJ Demands Data on 1.3 million Visitors to Anti-Trump Website; Groups Joined Forces to Make New Haven, CT One of the Nation’s Leading Sanctuary Cities

Radio Curious: Are We Still Racists?

Date Uploaded: 2017-08-23 01:10:31.0
Radio Curious revisits a conversation about racism with Dr. Francis Adams, co-author of “Alienable Rights: The Exclusion of African Americans in a White Man’s Land, 1619 to 2000.”

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