Script/Transcript for program: Freeganism on Slovak Radio

English Translation, Followed by Original Slovak Text
Studio World: Bakova
Broadcasting on: 10, December. 2005

Reporting: Have you ever heard of a term "Freegan"? I presume that you haven't. This is a word that denotes people who live from that what they find in garbage cans. These are not just any poor people. Freegans are members of middle class citizenship, who use this method to protest against the wasting of excessive products. With us is a Washington corespondent now invited to the streets of New York, where we experience the typical evening of Freegans.

Enter the first scene-corner of street
It is 9:30 in the evening, on the corner of 38th street and 3rd Avenue in Manhattan where an unusual group of people gathers, though members of some kind of city underground movement, who make livelihood from what grocery stores, delis, and restaurants throw out into the trash.

Enter the second scene Adam
Their spokesperson Adam Weissman explained to me that stores oftentimes dispose of food products before they even make it to the shelves. Everything gets ordered through calculations. Stores are not concerned with whether they have enough or whether they are overstocked, and when they find out that the do not have room for something they just simply dispose of it, even if it has perfect quality and it is healthy food. While Adam was speaking with me, he carefully opened up a garbage bag and showed me its contents.

Enter the third scene
There is a Guacamole here and right next to it there is a box full of bananas, lettuce salad, oranges, a huge melon in perfect condition; it doesn't even have a scratch. Isn't that a paradox? There are people who walk through New York and beg and here huge quantities of perfect food get thrown out everyday.

Text: Adam cannot tell me exactly where and when Freegans originated. He is estimating that it was probably sometime during the sixties. In all of the United States there are presumably thousands. How many? Who knows? He personally was a Freegan for ten years already, and he claims that today he lives much healthier then previously. Food products, that are found in trash next to expensive stores are, according to him, of better quality and fresher then those he used to buy for himself.

Enter the fourth scene Adam
I no longer buy food products for already ten years. As it matters in fact, I rarely eat when visiting friends or family. I simply don't like the idea that I should be supporting food shopping when I see how food is being wasted.

Text: Freegans are vegetarians, but not all of them. Madeline Nelson confessed that she won't refuse even meat.

Enter the fifth scene Madeline
I eat meat, eggs, and drink milk. I like fish. I find all of this here, explained the forty year old who, not too long ago, left a well paid position in a large, rich corporation. She showed me a carton of eggs, and explains to me that it ended up in the waste basket because some of them are broken. Instead of merchants exchanging them they rather throw out the entire carton into the trash. On the package it says December 29. That's in three weeks, but they already decided to throw them out because one or two are cracked.

Text: Food products look really flawless. I admit that I was amazed with what I saw. After all, they were in bags of garbage. Aren't Freegans afraid of diseases? They all told me that they are not.

Enter the sixth scene Madeline
Madeline believes in her idea that, most importantly, she always thoroughly examines and smells it, and when she comes home she immediately washes it and takes care of it. Those that easily spoil she takes only if they are packaged with a real expiration date. Of course in the summer one is extra careful. Now itÃ