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Trump says uninterested in talking to Xi, could sever China ties. US President Donald Trump says he is not interested in talking with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in what seems to be a further degeneration of Washington-Beijing ties amid the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking in an interview with Fox Business Network broadcast on Thursday, Trump said that he might even decide to sever relations between the two countries. Trump, who has repeatedly accused China of failing to contain the highly contagious disease, said Beijing’s failure had cast a pall over his January trade deal with the world’s second largest economy. "They should have never let this happen," Trump said. "So I make a great trade deal and now I say this doesn't feel the same to me. The ink was barely dry and the plague came over. And it doesn't feel the same to me." "I just – right now I don't want to speak to him," Trump said in the interview taped on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Li Yong, deputy chairman of the Expert Committee of the China Association of International Trade, said that "(China) still hopes that economic and trade issues will not be politicized because that is not good for either side." "The hope is that both sides will resolve the challenges through communication rather than finger pointing," Yong said. When Trump was asked about a Republican senator's suggestion that US visas be denied to Chinese students seeking to study in fields related to national security, he said, "There are many things we could do. We could do things. We could cut off the whole relationship.”

World Spent $73 Billion on Nuclear Weapons in 2019; US Spent Half of That. Pandemic may force a rethink of priorities for costly arms. A new ICAN report shows that in 2019, the world spent about $73 billion on nuclear weapons. The US spent roughly half of that by themselves, at over $35 billion. This is an increase of over $7 billion from 2018. With focus shifting to the coronavirus pandemic, spending billions of dollars on nuclear weapons likely is going to make less and less sense going forward, with nations all having budget consequences from the pandemic. The expectation, with the US and Russia not likely to extend New START, was that there would be increased spending going forward. Budget deficits are likely to force a rethink, on the futility of buying expensive nuclear arms. No nuclear weapons use in generations means this money is going into a black hole, and US talk of making low-yield nukes with more utility seem unrealistic. This means billions that could be better spent on almost anything, and in the Covid-19 era, no shortage of things to spend it on...

The Faux Generosity of the Super-Wealthy: Why Bill Gates is a Menace to Society - If Gates represents a net negative force in world politics, why does he receive such good press? For starters, he makes sizeable donations to a host of mainstream corporate media outlets.  by Alan Macleod Last month Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates surpassed Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to once again become the world’s richest individual, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Buoyed by an enormous 48 percent increase in Microsoft’s share price this year, Gates has retaken the title he last held in 2017. That outcome is partially owed to the whims of Donald J. Trump. Microsoft recently surprisingly defeated Amazon’s bid for an extremely lucrative $10 billion Pentagon cloud computing contract that sees the company instantly become one of the world’s most important military and security contractors. This decision, Amazon alleges, was due to interference from the president who holds a personal grudge against Bezos, whose Washington Post has maintained a campaign of “resistance” against him. Gates was also recently in the news attacking the wealth tax that Democratic presidential nomination candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have proposed. “I’m all for super-progressive tax systems but when you say I should pay $100 billion, then I’m starting to do a little math about what I have left over,” the Seattle native said. (For the record, he would still have over $6 billion)...

Bill Gates Partners With DARPA & Department of Defense For New DNA Nanotech COVID19 Vaccine! [VIDEO] In this powerful interview, Spiro is joined by Whitney Webb and Ryan Cristián from The Last American Vagabond, as they discuss the rollout of a new system of control the likes of which the world has never seen. It has been said to never let a good crisis go to waste, and it appears the ones pulling the strings are taking full advantage of the current crisis as more and more evidence emerges contradicting the official story that suggests this crisis is no accident. The fact that Bill Gates has teamed up with the Department of Defense and DARPA, which is the special project research and development arm of the Pentagon, to develop a brand new type of vaccine which is being rushed into production is alarming to say the least. Especially considering this new kind of DNA / RNA vaccine would normally take 15-20 years to roll out, while this one is being rolled out in a matter of months and is already undergoing human clinical trials. The urgency and rolled back regulations to streamline this new vaccine is, of course, justified by the crisis.

Bill Gates offered Nigerian House of Reps $10m bribe for speedy passage of compulsory vaccine bill – before any vaccine is invented CUPP alleges. The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP), on Monday, alleged that it has intercepted a human intelligence report that the Nigeria House of Representatives leadership was poised to forcefully pass the compulsory vaccine bill without subjecting it to the traditions of legislative proceedings. In a statement issued and signed by the spokesperson of the opposition political parties, Barrister Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere and sent to DAILY POST in Abuja on Monday, the body urged lawmakers in the lower chamber to rise against impunity. The body in the statement alleged that a sum of $10 million was offered by the American Computer Czar, Bill Gates to influence the speedy passage of the bill without recourse to legislative public hearing, a development they averted as anachronistic, adding that the Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila should be impeached if he forces the bill on members.  The statement read:  “Opposition Coalition (CUPP) has intercepted very credible intelligence and hereby alerts Nigerians of plans by the leadership of the House of Representatives led by Femi Gbajabiamila to forcefully and without adherence to the rules of lawmaking to pass the Control of Infectious Diseases Bill 2020 otherwise known as the Compulsory Vaccination Bill which is proposing a compulsory vaccination of all Nigerians even when the vaccines have not been discovered. “This intelligence is coupled with the information of the alleged receipt, from sources outside the country but very interested in the Bill, of the sum of $10 million by the sponsors and promoters of the Bill to distribute among lawmakers to ensure a smooth passage of the Bill. “This will manifest in a wishy-washy public hearing which the promoters still insist on cancelling under the pretext of containment of the spread of the coronavirus. The intelligence is that the House will under whatever guise pass the Bill tomorrow 5th May, 2020 upon resumption. “The Nigeria opposition rejects the Bill and urges opposition lawmakers in the House of Representatives to confront the Speaker of the House with these facts tomorrow at plenary and resist every plan to illegally pass the Bill. “We have been informed that the alleged deal on the passage of the Bill was struck during a trip to Austria a few months back while the financial support for the promotion of the Bill was allegedly received last week to mobilize for a push leading to the hurried attempt to pass the Bill by any means necessary....

Potential DNA Damage from CRISPR “Seriously Underestimated,” Study Finds - A flurry of recent findings highlight a contentious question about so-called 'gene editing' therapies - By Sharon Begley, STAT on July 16, 2018 - From the earliest days of the CRISPR-Cas9 era, scientists have known that the first step in how it edits genomes—snipping DNA—creates an unholy mess: Cellular repairmen frantically try to fix the cuts by throwing random chunks of DNA into the breach and deleting other random bits. Research published on Monday suggests that’s only the tip of a Titanic-sized iceberg: CRISPR-Cas9 can cause significantly greater genetic havoc than experts thought, the study concludes, perhaps enough to threaten the health of patients who would one day receive CRISPR-based therapy. The results come hard on the heels of two studies that identified a related issue: Some CRISPR’d cells might be missing a key anti-cancer mechanism and therefore be able to initiate tumors. The DNA damage found in the new study included deletions of thousands of DNA bases, including at spots far from the edit. Some of the deletions can silence genes that should be active and activate genes that should be silent, including cancer-causing genes. Leading CRISPR companies scrambled to play down the latest threat to what they hope will be a multibillion-dollar business—and to their stock prices, but investors reacted with alarm. Within the first 20 minutes of when the study was released, the three publicly traded CRISPR companies lost more than $300 million in value.  The companies questioned whether the CRISPR-caused DNA damage reported in the new study applied to the kind of cells they’re planning to CRISPR. They emphasized that if genomic scrambling is at all common then it should also be seen in earlier forms of genome-editing such as zinc fingers and TALENs (but apparently isn’t). And they insisted they’re on the case...

The nuclear spy who leaked the bomb plans to the Soviets, Klaus Fuchs, studied physics and mathematics at the University of Leipzig and in 1931 he joined the German Communist Party (KPD). He fled the country when Adolf Hitler took power in 1933. He taught in Paris before moving to England. He settled in Bristol and studied under Nevill Francis Mott, the Melville Wills Professor in Theoretical Physics at the University of Bristol. Soon after he arrived in the city he was the subject of a police enquiry. "The German Counsul in Bristol named him as an extremist left-wing agitator. Not a great deal of credence was given to the allegation because such denunciations were fairly frequent and anyway the young physicist was just one of thousands of Germans who fled their homeland for ideological reasons...  In 1946 Klaus Fuchs returned to England, where he was appointed by John Cockcroft as head of the theoretical physics division at the newly created British Nuclear Research Centre at Harwell. Fuchs approached members of the Communist Party of Great Britain in order to get back in contact with the NKVD. On 19th July, 1947, Fuchs met Hanna Klopshtock in Richmond Park. Klopshtock arranged for Fuchs to meet Alexander Feklissov, London's deputy station chief for scientific and technical intelligence. Fuchs explained to Feklissov the principle of the hydrogen bomb on which Enrico Fermi and Edward Teller were working on at the University of Chicago. [link to article]

Munificent Transatlantic Rockefeller/Rothschild empire built by tax-free Foundations on Cecil Rhodes' CFR/RIIA model? Niall Ferguson paints a bizarre geopolitical picture after WWII, with a wise and benevolent U.S. taking over the British empire. Here Ferguson explains his 2018 book: 'The Square and the Tower: Networks and Power, from the Freemasons to Facebook', on the power of social networks throughout history and their influence in the present. - Well there you have the conspiracy theory that we were talking about earlier. That they say they’re meeting in order to improve the world and improve economic policy coordination, but actually they’re hatching a plan to erase national boundaries and establish world government under David Rockefeller.  So, the stated objectives are the objectives and the notion that there is going to be a world government at the end of it is the fantasy. Now, I can’t speak for the Trilateral Commission, I’m not involved with that. But I can assure you that although the meetings of the Bilderberg Group are closed, nobody ever mentioned world government to me at those meetings. On the contrary, I’m always struck by the extent to which at such gatherings the discussion is reactive. You know, here’s another fine mess the world is in. Is there anything we can do about it. You don’t have a strong sense of there being control. Even the word power seems strangely inappropriate. This network is commenting on the world, exchanging ideas. I’m sure there’s an element of business involved, too. But we shouldn’t exaggerate the power of even the most exclusive networks. What’s striking to me when I interact with these groups is not their power, but often their sense of powerlessness. If you think about the events of 2016, just to take an example. Not many members of the supposed world government planned that Britain would vote to leave the European Union and that Donald Trump would become president of the United States. Donald Trump is definitely not somebody who gets invited to those meetings. So then -- or for example, take the financial crisis, the events of 2008, ’09. Nobody said there are the Bilderberg meeting in 2008 saying, I think what we really need for the world government is a massive financial crisis. No, what’s striking when you spend time in these rarified circles is the lack of power. Influence, yes. These people, the people who are involved with the Schwarzman College are very influential people. But I think that power tends to be exaggerated. And if there is a world government being put together, it's not doing – it's not doing very well. It's not going very well...

The Merger: How Organised Crime is Taking Over the World – by Jeffrey Robinson. In the spring of 1990 some twenty men of different nationalities met for the first time in a massive hotel and leisure complex called The City Club on the outskirts of Vienna. The purpose of their meeting? They told hotel management that they were members of an organisation called "The Italian Association" and that the subject of their meeting was how European countries could help South American countries develop their economies in Europe.... International crime has been the top headline grabber in recent months, and this is the only book that tells the inside story that until now only top CIA, Interpol, and other global crime fighters knew. In The Merger international crime expert and author of The Laundrymen Jeffrey Robinson uncovers the intricate network of connections between such infamous organised crime rings as the Sicilian Mafiosi, the Camorra from Naples, the Ndrangheta from Calabria, the Chinese Triads, the Russian, Hungarian, and Czech Republic "Maffiyas," and organised crime groups from Columbia, Mexico, Nigeria, and Vietnam--just to name a few. In this meticulously researched book, Robinson pinpoints the factors that led to these global crime cartels--digital communication, world markets, the internet--and reveals how they have changed the face of crime forever. It's not only the free market that is being globalized, but illegal markets as well: transnational crime expert Robinson sounds the alarm in this well-researched and genuinely chilling treatise. Veteran author Robinson (The Laundrymen, etc.) pursues a provocative thesis: where the general public has perceived the influence of traditional crime syndicates as waning, disparate developmentsAprimarily the end of the Cold War and banking's growing reliance on computersAhave made it possible for discrete criminal entities to merge, much like legitimate corporations do. Robinson begins by recounting how "Lucky" Luciano used decentralized business techniques to create La Cosa Nostra in the 1930s; this, the author argues, allowed American organized crime to flourish through the early 1960s, with only sporadic law enforcement victories for years thereafter. Then Robinson plunges into a sordid history of global crime, identifying key players and the labyrinthine attempts by international law enforcement to play "catch-up." Chapters detail the nefarious activities of the Russian "Mafiya," Colombian and Mexican drug cartels, Asian Triads, Japanese Yakuza, Nigerian confidence rings, Hell's Angels, rogue factions of the St. Regis Mohawk tribe and the surviving, leaner and meaner Cosa Nostra (and its Italian relatives). He presents a wealth of evidence that these groups have found ways to accommodate one another in numerous activities worldwide. in identity theft, credit card fraud, smuggling, bribery and counterfeiting, all of which are underwritten by enormous drug profits. More importantly, he explains, the cartels have been able to refine their money laundering, tax evasion and offshore banking crimes. All the while, Robinson provides an exciting and unsettling glimpse of our future as a wired and globalized paradise for thieves.. 

Big Tech Tyrrany - Censored by YouTube: Video of US author James Perloff interpreting the Covid-19 Pandemic in Biblical terms with Sean of the 600k subscriber SGT Report channel - SGT Report website - Covid 1984 & Their Beast System On The Record James Perloff - Mirrored

Truth Is a Lonely Warrior: Unmasking the Forces behind Global Destruction - Twenty-five years after publication of The Shadows of Power, James Perloff returns to the venue of political history, and takes you places where the mass media won’t. • Who benefited from the mysterious sinking of the USS Maine? • Why did President Woodrow Wilson order the manifest of the torpedoed Lusitania hidden in the archives of the U.S. Treasury? • After the official inquiry into the Pearl Harbor attack, why did Admiral Kimmel and General Short – the commanders at Pearl Harbor – want to be court-martialed? • Why was the Soviet Union given control of North Korea after World War II, when the Soviets did nothing to win the war in the Pacific? • What did Congressional Medal of Honor recipient James Stockdale reveal about Tonkin Gulf (the event used to justify intervention in Vietnam)? • How did “Operation Rockingham” lead America into the Iraq war? • Since its founding in 1921, what small organization has produced 21 Secretaries of Defense/War, 19 Treasury Secretaries, 18 Secretaries of State, and 16 CIA directors? • How did Jimmy Carter go from a generally unknown figure to Presidential nominee in just seven months? • Why has America had decades of destructive inflation (understated recently by the Consumer Price Index), when there was zero net inflation from the days of the Pilgrims until the early 20th century?  • Why did the Vietnam War last 14 years – and end in defeat – when it took us only 3 and ½ years to win World War II? • What did the head of the Ford Foundation tell Congressional investigator Norman Dodd that made him “nearly fall off the chair”? • Is it possible that many kings and other monarchs of past centuries were not as evil as they’ve been portrayed?  • What American capitalists were given landing rights for their private jets in Moscow – at the height of the Cold War? • What KGB defector predicted glasnost five years before it happened – yet was ignored by the major media? • Who is at the top of the pyramid on the back of the one-dollar bill? • Why was the USS Liberty attacked in 1967, and why was there no Congressional investigation? • The official explanation of 9-11 – where do we begin to name the holes? • Who financed ecumenism and the decline of Christian faith? • What are world elitists saying about population control? • What are courageous doctors revealing about vaccines that the major media won’t report? • Does weather control go beyond seeding clouds? What is behind the recent spike in weather disasters? • How did the Establishment trick conservatives into supporting its “free trade” agenda, destroying millions of U.S. jobs? • Who’s pouring billions of dollars into the “green” movement? • 1984 – the amazing ways in which Orwell got the future right. • And how does ALL this tie together? If you are one of those who senses that something just isn’t right with the explanations we are given for wars, our dying economy, and other world events, this book may be just right for you. Countless lies have been planted in the corporate-controlled media to benefit the rich and the few; these lies have become “fact” through the mechanism of frequent repetition. Refuting such lies with credibility requires in-depth analysis.

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