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 Old School New York Investigative Journalist & Publisher Thomas Lipscomb on the Bormann Trail
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Second hour International News Followed By Investigative reports:

Spat at border between China and India. Galwan Valley: China and India clash on freezing and inhospitable battlefield - North Korea bombing negotiation centre. North Korea blows up joint liaison office with South in Kaesong - John Bolton’s book on Trump. US and China. Bolton, Trump and Iraq. Dig Bando ...

Arctic seed vault - BILL GATES GLOBAL SEED VAULT SVALBARD - Scientists want to build a Noah’s Ark for the human microbiome - The project aims to safeguard the beneficial microbes living in and on the human body An international team of scientists wants to safeguard humanity’s long-term health by creating a Noah’s Ark for microbes. Taking inspiration from the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which protects the world’s crop diversity from natural or human-made disasters, the team proposes to create the Microbiota Vault to preserve human microbiome collections that may one day be used to prevent disease. - On this God-forsaken island Bill Gates is investing tens of his millions along with, - the Rockefeller Foundation - Monsanto Corporation - Syngenta Foundation - the Government of Norway, among others, - what is called the 'doomsday seed bank.' - What’s Going On With the Arctic ‘Doomsday’ Seed Vault? - A virtually inaccessible seed vault under the control of some of the world’s foremost advocates of eugenics and population reduction is definitely remarkable. With more than a million of the irreplaceable seed heritage of the world locked inside the Svalbard Seed Vault, could this be a way for GMO agribusiness giants like Bayer-Monsanto or Syngenta to illegally gain access to those seeds in a time of global crisis? It sounds very far-fetched, yet there are far-fetched goings on in our world. We could say, “He who controls the world’s crop seeds, controls the world.”

Seattle and Black Lives Matter - David Pidcock discussing the film ‘The Maltese Double Cross’ about the Lockerbie bombings, that he made with Alan Frankovich. 

The latest instalment of the sordid tale of King George VI and Winston Churchill's alleged collaboration with Hitler's private secretary and leader of the Nazi party who disappeared at the end of World War Two – Martin Bormann. The prize being their share in a billion or so US dollars worth of Nazi loot. The biggest cover up of the twentieth century uncovered – lie by lie? This week two more layers of the Bormann cover up stripped away. Book ‘Quest’ by Frank Brandenberg, including information about the fate of Martin Bormann after WW2.

– Frank Brandenburg's 1990 book, Quest, Searching for Germany's Nazi Past, A Young Man's Story where he tours Germany and Austria interviewing former Nazis about the Holocaust and the fate of Reichsleiter Martin Bormann. Interviews with eleven former SS Nazis: Dr Wilhelm Hottl; Prof. Hermann Gresler; Richard Schultz-Kussens; Rudolf Jordan; Artur Axmann; Dr Robert Kempner; Heinrich Heim; Hans Miller; Medard Klapper; Franz Lechner; Hans Bauer; Joachim Tibertius and Karl Wolff. The majority confirming Bormann DID survive the war, with most of the rest blowing their top when the question was asked. In the 1980s two of these former (or was it current?) SS men claimed to have personally met Bormann after the war, one, Medard Klapper, then running a gun shop in Karlsruhe, said he met Bormann as recently as 1982.  -  Here is a true story of a young German's investigation into the years of the Third Reich, into the events that made Hitler's Germany a synonym for evil an d destruction. A dramatic, suspenseful account with all the gripping thrills of a masterful detective story.

Former SS officer now running a gun shop in Karlsruhe - Medard Klapper quoted talking to Frank Brandenburg in 'Quest': Klapper nodded. "The name is, of course, an acronym. Mari from Martin, bor from Bormann, and sol, the Spanish word for sun." Again, he smiled. "The rising sun of our cause," he said, "Mariborsol." And - the purpose?" "To insure that the future will be ours," Klapper said earnestly. "The financial matters, for instance. And they are considerable, even on a world scale. Real estate. Manufacturing plants. All kinds of profitable investments and business ventures, controlled by our people, the people of Mariborsol, both old and new." Again he smiled his disconcerting smile. "Such as you nicht wahr?" Not so? Frank treated it as a rhetorical question and said nothing. "And to guard the papers and documents handed down to us from from the Fuhrer and the Third Reich to guide us." Klapper went on. "Such as the contents of the crates recovered from concealment in Dresden. The reporters of the popular press have coined the phrase 'The Fourth Reich.' We do not mind. It will be our reich. The future will be ours. Martin Bormann himself may not live to see the organisation that bears his name become triumphant," he finished. "But triumphant it will be!"

Ex New York Times investigative journalist and publisher Thomas Lipscomb: Once ensconced in South America Hitler's deputy Martin Bormann created a powerful secret business empire: He "Seems to have been playing a very strong hand, from what I've learned from my contacts, not so much from Ladsi (Ladislas Farago). He was working like an investment banker. He was directing other people's funds, German funds, that were already overseas. There are all kinds of arguments about how much the Nazis got out of Germany before they went. And where the money went. But I suspect the money was everywhere from Switzerland to the usual places. And Bormann was in a position to make investments. So he proceeded to put Germans together, and in effect create interlocking directorships and corporate interests that created quite a powerful business empire. And he was having a ball, making a lot of money staying out of sight and doing this." A front for organised crime... Thomas Lipscomb - - Thomas H. Lipscomb is one of the few executives with high-level experience in both conventional broadcast and print media and the world of electronic media. He has been both a magazine publisher of consumer magazines such as The Ladies Home Journal and a CEO in book publishing, where he was responsible for bestsellers by authors as diverse as Agatha Christie, Susan Isaacs, Craig Claiborne, Jack Anderson, and William Safire. Books he has published have won literary awards such as the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Awards. His most recent publishing position was as founder and President of Times Books -- The New York Times book division. He is the author of articles in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Harpers, The Nation as well as The Readers’ Digest etc., front page stories in The Chicago Sun-Times and The New York Sun, and articles in internet sites such as TechCentral Station and the Jewish World Review. He was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 2005...

Author of 'Aftermath, Martin Bormann and the Fourth Reich' Ladislas Farago's publisher, old school New York Times investigative journalist and former head of the new York Times book publishing arm Thomas Lipscomb gives us his long view, after fifty years of investigative journalism, on whether or not Bormann survived. Interview with Tom Lipscombe, editor of ‘Aftermath’ by Ladislas Farago, and worked for the publishing arm of NY Times – he discusses Martin Bormann being alive in South America after WW2, his business enterprises, and how he worked with the West: - It can not be ignored that there were those, that were determined to keep the 1945 Bormann death myth in force. But not everyone ignored Farago’s book. The content and evidence produced by Farago was so compelling, that it attracted the attention of German born American Dr. Robert M. W. Kempner, a former Nuremburg trial attorney , who decided to reopen the Bormann investigation, based on Ladislas Farago’s documentary evidence of Martin Bormann's survival. 

Jonathan Cook - Zionism exposed in pages of New York Times! - Former London mayor Ken Livingstone has been wandering in the political wilderness since he pointed out a few months ago the early sympathies between Zionists and Nazis. Although this has been well documented, discussion of it has been taboo for decades. Now Boehm has addressed it in the NYT: The “original sin” of such alliances may be traced back to 1941, in a letter to high Nazi officials, drafted in 1941 by Avraham Stern, known as Yair, a leading early Zionist fighter and member in the 1930s of the paramilitary group Irgun, and later, the founder of another such group, Lehi. In the letter, Stern proposes to collaborate with “Herr Hitler” on “solving the Jewish question” by achieving a “Jewish free Europe.” The solution can be achieved, Stern continues, only through the “settlement of these masses in the home of the Jewish people, Palestine.” To that end, he suggests collaborate with the German’s “war efforts,” and establish a Jewish state on a “national and totalitarian basis,” which will be “bound by treaty with the German Reich.” It has been convenient to ignore the existence of this letter, just as it has been convenient to mitigate the conceptual conditions making it possible. Is this the start of a tentative trend? Might we see heavyweight enforcers of liberal Zionist orthodoxy in the British media like the Guardian’s Jonathan Freedland reconsider their positions – or at least let a few more rational voices, even if only Israeli Jewish ones like Boehm, enter the fray? Don’t hold your breath quite yet.

‘No evidence of fraud’ in Morales poll victory, say US researchers - Researchers enter row over legitimacy of ex-Bolivian president, who quit after violent protests. A row over the legitimacy of Bolivia’s longest-serving leader, Evo Morales, has been reignited after researchers in the US questioned allegations that fraud was used to help the country’s leader of 14 years win the last election. Writing in the Washington Post, the researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s election data and science lab have entered what has become a fraught debate about Morales’s legacy and whether he was forced to step down due to an attempt to manipulate the vote or, rather, pushed out as part of a military coup. “There is not any statistical evidence of fraud that we can find,” wrote John Curiel and Jack R Williams, both from MIT, adding that the conclusions of an audit by the Organization of American States “would appear deeply flawed”. Morales, the country’s first indigenous president, resigned in November under pressure from the police and army, following weeks of violent protests over alleged voter fraud and an OAS report that said it had found “serious irregularities” in the vote and “clear manipulations” of the voting system.

29 Sep 1960 - Priest Martin Bormann, Jr

Have some of the world's multi-generational evil people been hidden within the Catholic Church? Hitler's deputy Martin Bormann himself was discovered by Ladislas Farago living in a Bolivian Convent. Son of Hitler's deputy accused of abusing young boy while he was a priest - The eldest son of Hitler‘s deputy Martin Bormann has been accused of sexually abusing a young boy when he was a priest 50 years ago. Martin Bormann Jr., 80, who has struggled to come to terms with the murderous past of his father all his life, is said to be 'destroyed' by the allegations. A 63-year-old man said his mistreatment at the hands of Bormann took place in the early 60s when he was a Catholic priest teaching at the Hearts of Jesus monastery in the Austrian city of Salzburg. The man, a pupil at the monastery, claims the abuse went on for more than a year. Austrian media reported on Monday that the man is seriously ill and incapable of giving interviews. But his lawyer said that his condition is related to what happened to him all those years ago - and the fact that no-one believed him when he complained, not even his mother and grandmother. Through his lawyer he said; 'I was so badly injured that for four weeks I could not go to the toilet properly.' 'This abuse ruined his life,' said his lawyer who wants to remain anonymous. 'Both his private and professional life was overshadowed by what happened to him. He has no self respect and no self confidence. 'Although this man has marvellous gifts - to paint, to carve wood - and he can appear to be so very cultivated, his experiences as a child can destroy his mood in a second.'...

; Evo Morales sent out of Bolivia even though no evidence of fraud; son of Martin Bormann; James Files assassinated JFK.

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