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 Hong Kong Journalist Choy Yuk-Ling Arrested For Exposing CCP Police Triad Collaboration
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– BBC/CNN Dost Protest Too Much: Mass Media Call Trump ‘Ballot Harvesting’ Election Fraud Claims ‘Lies’
– Dr Mike Yeadon Explains ‘Casedemic’, PCR Test 'Junk Science' Of The Fake ‘Second Wave’
– NATO Proxy ISIS Terror Attacks In Austria and Afghanistan, Claimed by Mossad’s SITE Intelligence
– Retired Old Bailey Journalist Tim Wood Describes The Decrepit State Of British Jusstice Since Ken Clarke’s Legal Aid Cuts
– Hong Kong Journalist Choy Yuk-Ling Arrested For Exposing Police Triad Collaboration
– China's Desperate Human Guinea Pigs Get 30 Social Credits For Taking Experimental Vaccine: Lance Murdoch Double L MC
– ‘The Traitors Of Arnhem’, Tony’s Own WWII Endgame Book Published Free With Watermark
– Catholic Archbishop Viganò Announces Freemasonry/New World Order ‘End Of Times’
– NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling
US election:  BBC calling Trump a liar;  hardening of the sides;  deep state and US/Nato empire;  Mark Ellias, Lawyer, on The Ron Paul show about postal vote fraud The US 'Election Stealing' Postal Ballot Harvesting Scandal: If the 2020 election ends up a battle in the courts ­ as many expect ­ Marc Elias will be the Democratic general directing an army of left-wing lawyers in their bid to win back the Senate and take down President Donald Trump. A native New Yorker whom Politico has described as “quick-talking” and “Twitter-savvy,” Elias is the face of election law for Democrats, an image he’s spent decades crafting. He’s best known as Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer who paid for the salacious Steele Dossier in 2016, and for leading the still-controversial 2008 Minnesota Senate recount that ended with Al Franken overtaking Republican Norm Coleman ­ giving Democrats the 60-seat majority they needed to pass the Affordable Care Act. He also is the architect of the 2020 Democratic legal strategy that has involved filing dozens of lawsuits across the country challenging state election laws. While his legal victories often face multiple, drawn-out challenges, his 173,000-plus Twitter followers gives him the reach to cement narratives before they’ve actually happened. His bio ­ “Lawyer fighting for Democrats and voting rights for all” ­ pits him as a man interested in politics, but not at the expense of democracy. Republican lawyers who have faced off against Elias describe an opponent who is smart, sophisticated, and hyper-aggressive with his litigation strategy, willing to go scorched earth if there’s a prayer of overturning an election result in his client’s favor. But they also describe a lawyer prone to puffery, inflating the importance of his victories in the press and on social media, and then falling silent when those victories are overturned by higher courts. He paints himself as a crusader for voters, they say, but is at heart a partisan Democrat motivated to help Democrats win at any cost. In a 2018 Tweet, Trump called Elias the Democrats’ “best Election stealing lawyer.” In an email to National Review, Elias defended his work, saying he is focused on challenging laws “that unnecessarily restrict voting rights, particularly the rights of lawful voters to cast their ballots in the middle of a pandemic and have them counted.” “Sadly, in every case I have been involved in, Republicans have fought to make voting harder,” he wrote. Elias is the chair of the political law group for the progressive, Seattle-based firm Perkins Coie, which has had a stranglehold on Democratic legal work for years. Since 2019, Perkins Coie has been paid at least $41 million for its political work by Democratic-affiliated organizations, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Only deep state approved candidates are backed;  Trump cut off mid speech;  civil war in US – further stock market crash. Conspiracy Theorist in Chief Donald Trump cut off by TV news networks - - MSNBC cuts from Trump's address after he falsely declares election victory - At least seven major TV networks cut off Donald Trump during an extraordinary White House address in which he called the entire presidential race into question and claimed it was rigged from the start. Fox News and CNN were among the few channels to air the president’s full speech, with CNN’s Anderson Cooper branding Trump ‘an obese turtle flailing in the sun’. ‘That is the President of the United States. That is the most powerful person in the world and we see him like an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun realising his time is over,’ Cooper said on air. ‘But he just hasn’t accepted it and he wants to take everybody down with him, including this country.’ - Trump opened his speech by peddling a conspiracy theory that the Democrats were committing ‘fraud’ and trying to ‘steal’ the election. ‘If you count the legal votes, I easily win,’ he said, even though the counting of legal votes is still happening. Several networks, including NBC, CBS and NBC, cut away from Trump’s rant to fact-check his baseless claims. ‘We have to interrupt here, because the president has made a number of false statements, including the notion that there has been fraudulent voting,’ said NBC’s Lester Holt. ‘There has been no evidence of that.’ CNN’s Jake Tapper called it a ‘sad night’ for Americans who had to hear the president ‘try to attack democracy that way with this feast of falsehoods.’ ‘Lie after lie after lie about the election being stolen. No evidence for what he’s saying, just smears about the integrity,’ he told viewers. ‘When he wins a state it’s legitimate, when he loses it’s because the vote is being stolen from him. It’s not true, it’s frankly pathetic.’ Trump has questioned why the majority of mail-in ballots were in favour of Democratic challenger Joe Biden, despite repeatedly urging his base to not take part in the process. USA Today’s editor-in-chief Nicole Carroll issued a statement explaining her decision to pull the livestream of the event. ‘President Trump, without evidence, claimed the presidential election was corrupt and fraudulent. We stopped the livestream of his remarks early and have removed the video from all of our platforms,’ she said. ‘Our job is to spread truth not unfounded conspiracies.’

Bristol MP wants ‘everyone in’ for homeless restarted. Eviction of Bristol caravan dwellers by GRC bailiffs threatened during lockdown early Monday morning. Tower blocks planned next to small houses in Bedminster Green, Bristol – Nick Townsend from campaign group WHaM (Windmill Hill And Malago community planning group) discusses the failures of these plans and stonewalling from Mayor Rees.  Bristol MP demands Government restarts 'Everyone In' for homeless people during coronavirus lockdown The initiative was a big success for the first lockdown A Bristol MP has called for the initiative which saw hotel rooms found for people sleeping on the streets during the April lockdown resume this week. Thangam Debbonaire has called on the Government to “issue clear instruction that everyone should be brought in off the streets” in time for Thursday’s new lockdown. The Bristol West MP, who is also the Shadow Housing Minister, has written to Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick to ask that the Government support local councils fully to enable people to get off the streets for this lockdown too. Across the country, the Government funded councils to pay to put people without homes into hotels temporarily, to ensure that no one was unable to “stay at home” because they didn’t have one. In Bristol, hundreds of people were put up in otherwise empty hotels during the spring lockdown, and the project was described by Ms Debbonaire as a great success. In Bristol, and in many places around the country, it enabled council housing support services and other organisations the time and space to best support homeless people, and many have been able to move on to more permanent housing, rather than return to the streets.

Care home visits allowed in lockdown – but far too restricted:  family members who kidnapped Mum from a care home in desperation were then arrested – they discuss their story on This Morning and have an answer from the inadequate Care Minister - Ex-Corrie star's gran, 97, 'forced into isolation' after mum broke her out of care home Ylenia Angeli was arrested after breaking her mother, 97, out of a care home, and she told This Morning her mum is now in isolation on her own This Morning 's Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield spoke to Ex-Coronation Street star Leandra Ashton and her mum Ylenia Angeli on Thursday's show. Ylenia was arrested after trying to take her 97-year-old gran out of her care home before lockdown. Leandra, who played Saskia Larson on the soap, shared agonising footage of her mum being handcuffed, while her dementia-stricken grandmother sat in the car during the incident in East Yorkshire on Tuesday. Retried nurse Ylenia Angeli, 73, had not seen her dementia-stricken mother for nine months due to the coronavirus pandemic and wanted to care for her at home after requests to volunteer at the care home were reportedly denied. The two women argued we cannot forget about Alzheimers in the wake on Covid (Image: ITV) Speaking about the incident on the show, Ylenia said it was unplanned but that seeing her mother through the window and not being able to hug her "broke her heart", and she said the care home staff were rude. "I jut wanted to hold her, I just wanted to tell her I loved her," she said. "We can't see our loved ones and they are deteriorating before our eyes," added Ylenia, who added that she does not blame the police for doing their job. Leandra filmed as her gran was forcibly taken back by the care home (Image: Facebook) Ylenia, aged 73, was detained by officers and taken to Hull Police station (Image: Facebook) The women took their elderly relative to a garden centre nearby in the car, where they were then apprehended by the police. Ylenia said her mother has now been put into isolation because she is a Covid risk to the other patients because she left the care home, but Ylenia does not believe she put her mother in danger, especially if she had been allowed to return home with her family.

Mike Yeadon, retired Pfizer chief scientific adviser, discusses the amount of false positives found with mass testing for Covid 19 using PCR test.    

Three facts No 10's experts got wrong: DR MIKE YEADON says claims that the majority of the population is susceptible to Covid, that only 7% are infected so far and virus death rate is 1% are all false By DR MIKE YEADON FOR THE DAILY MAIL | 30 October 2020 | Earlier this week, my wife and I were congratulating ourselves on being in France, far from the draconian Covid restrictions now spreading throughout Britain. Then, on Thursday, with less than 24 hours’ notice, President Emmanuel Macron announced his plan to plunge the French into a second national lockdown for at least a month. And if everything I hear and read about the UK is to be believed, this country is heading in the same direction. On Monday more than 30million Britons will be under Tier Two and Three restrictions. We will then have days – until the inevitable total lockdown. While Boris Johnson will be the person announcing that catastrophic decision, the measures are being dictated by a small group of scientists who, in my view, have repeatedly got things terribly wrong. The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) has made three incorrect assumptions which have had, and continue to have, disastrous consequences for people’s lives and the economy. Firstly, Sage assumes that the vast majority of the population is vulnerable to infection; second, that only 7 per cent of the population has been infected so far; and third, that the virus causing Covid-19 has a mortality rate of about 1 per cent. Many individuals who’ve been infected by other coronaviruses have immunity to closely related ones such as the Covid-19 virus, argues Dr Mike Yeardon According to Cambridge University the Covid-19 mortality rate is at 1.4% , followed by Imperial College London with 1.2% and an Australian study with 0.75% Dr Yeardon cites the Stanford study, saying: 'After extensive world wide surveys, pre-eminent scientists such as John Ioannidis, professor of epidemiology at Stanford University in California, have concluded that the mortality rate is closer to 0.2 per cent.' In the absence of further action, Sage concludes that a very high number of deaths will occur. If these assumptions were based on fact, then I might have some sympathy with their position. After all, if 93 per cent of the country – as they claim – was still potentially vulnerable to a virus that kills one in 100 people who are infected, I too would want to use any means necessary to suppress infection until a vaccine comes along, no matter the cost. The reality, though, is rather different. Firstly, while the Covid-19 virus is new, other coronaviruses are not. We have experience of SARS in 2003 and MERS in 2012, while in the UK there are at least four known strains of coronavirus which cause the common cold. Many individuals who’ve been infected by other coronaviruses have immunity to closely related ones such as the Covid-19 virus. Multiple research groups in Europe and the US have shown that around 30 per cent of the population was likely already immune to Covid-19 before the virus arrived – something which Sage continues to ignore. Sage has similarly failed to accurately revise down its estimated mortality rate for the virus. Early in the epidemic Sage modelled a mortality rate of around 1 per cent and, from what I understand, they may now be working with a number closer to 0.7, which is still far too high. After extensive world wide surveys, pre-eminent scientists such as John Ioannidis, professor of epidemiology at Stanford University in California, have concluded that the mortality rate is closer to 0.2 per cent. That figure means one in 500 people infected die. When applied to the total number of Covid deaths in the UK (around 45,000), this would imply that approximately 22.5million people have been infected. That is 33.5 per cent of our population – not Sage’s 7 per cent calculation. Sage reached its conclusion by assessing the prevalence of Covid-19 antibodies in national blood surveys. Yet we know that not every infected individual produces antibodies. Indeed, the immune systems of most healthy people bypass the complex and energy-intensive process of making antibodies because the virus can be overcome by other means. The human immune system has several lines of defence. These include innate immunity which is comprised of the body’s physical barriers to infection and protective secretions (the skin and its oils, the cough reflex, tears etc); its inflammatory response (to localise and minimise infection and injury), and the production of non-specific cells (phagocytes) that target an invading virus/bacterium. In addition, the immune system produces antibodies that protect against a specific virus or bacterium (and confer immunity) and T-cells (a type of white blood cell) that are also specific. Covid-19 immunity may only last for a few months It is the T-cells that are crucial in our body’s response to respiratory viruses such as Covid-19. Studies show that while not all individuals infected by the Covid-19 viruses have antibodies, they do have T-cells that can respond to the virus and therefore have immunity. I am persuaded of this because, of the 750million people the World Health Organisation says have been infected by the virus to date, almost none have been reinfected. Yes, there have been a handful of cases but they are anomalies, a tiny number among three quarters of a billion people. The fact is that people don’t get reinfected. That is how the immune system works and if it didn’t, humanity would not have survived. So, if some 33.5 per cent of our population have already been infected by the virus this year (and are now immune) – and a further 30 per cent were already immune before we even heard of Covid-19, then once you also factor in that a tenth of the UK population is aged ten or under and therefore largely invulnerable (children are rarely made ill by the virus), that leaves about 26.5 per cent of people who are actually susceptible to being infected. That’s a far cry from Sage’s current prediction of 93 per cent. It is also worth contextualising the UK death toll. Ministers and some parts of the media present the pandemic as the biggest public health emergency in decades, when in fact mortality in 2020 so far ranks eighth out of the last 27 years. The death rate at present is also normal for the time of year – the number of respiratory deaths is actually low for late October. In other words, not only is the virus less dangerous than we are being led to believe, with almost three quarters of the population at no risk of infection, we’re actually very close to achieving herd immunity. Which is why I am convinced this so-called second wave of rising infections and, sadly, deaths will fizzle out without overwhelming the NHS. On that basis, the nation should immediately be allowed to resume normal life – at the very least we should be avoiding a second national lockdown at all costs. I believe that Sage has been appallingly negligent and its incompetence has cost the lives of thousands of people from avoidable, non-coronavirus causes while simultaneously decimating our economy and today I implore ministers to start listening to a broader scientific view. My argument against the need for lockdown isn’t too dissimilar to the Great Barrington Declaration, co-authored by three professors from Oxford, Harvard and Stanford universities – laughably dismissed as ‘emphatically false’ by Health Secretary Matt Hancock who has no scientific qualifications – and signed by more then 44,000 scientists, public health experts and clinicians so far, including Nobel Prize winner Dr Michael Levitt. In my opinion, this government is ignoring a formidable collective of respected scientific opinion and relying instead on its body of deified, yet incompetent advisers. I have no confidence in Sage – and neither should you – and I fear that, yet again, they’re about to force further decisions that we will look back on with deep regret. If we are to take one thing from 2020, it is that we should demand more honesty and competence from those appointed to look after us.

World Doctors Alliance, now also World Freedom Alliance – various doctors and professionals on how peoples freedoms need defending during Covid 19.  Jill Gardiner, who has had Lyme’s Disease leading to ME, discusses the similarity in symptoms to Long Covid, and how her condition was belittled and ignored. This is the first meeting held by the newly founded World Freedom Alliance (WFA). The alliance would like to announce it’s newly elected representatives. President of the WFA - Prof Dolores Cahill, a professor in Molecular Biology and Immunology. Vice President of the WFA - Heiko Shöning, M.D, a founding member of Doctors-for-Enlightenment Chairman of the WFA. Maneka Helleberg, Chairman of People’s Court and Member of New Earth. Legal Advisor for the WFA Martin Byrne, Barrister at Law practising in the Superior Courts, Dublin. Treasurer of WFA - Mads Palsvig, Chairman of Political Party JFK21, a former investment banker. General Secretary for the WFA - Fiona Hine, Political Activist and Events Manager, Founder of CoviLeaks. I formed the World Doctors Alliance (WDA) as a collaboration between medical professionals across the world to address some the most urgent and important issues surrounding the pandemic. I was rewarded with dozens of shields, souvenirs, certificates and tokens of appreciation from all the medical universities and colleges in 2019 only . I was awarded as” International speaker for scientific innovation and advancement “. Significant contribution of medical education within UK, Pakistan and abroad to advance medical knowledge, innovation in surgery and medical sciences on the GNO, APMA, UK and WDA platforms. Best regards, DR MOHAMMAD ADIL MB BS . FRCSEd Consultant General Surgeon Chairman of the conference & World Doctors Alliance & GNO APMA ( All Pakistan Medical Association U.K. ) PROFESSOR DOLORES CAHILL Professor Dolores Cahill received her Honours degree in Molecular Genetics from Trinity College Dublin (1989) and her PhD in Immunology & Biotechnology from Dublin City University (1994). She was awarded an EU ‘Human Capital and Mobility’ Post-doctoral Fellow, Technical University, Munich, Germany (1994-1995). Since 2005 – present, she is Professor of Translational Science at UCD School of Medicine. Prof. Cahill is internationally recognised for her biomedical research, publications and patent record is in life sciences, biotechnology and in personalised healthcare and biomarkers (PHB), proteomics, biotechnology, high content protein and antibody arrays, and their biomedical, diagnostic and clinical applications. Prof. Cahill has been involved in Scientific and Research Strategy and Policy Development and Evaluation for over 10 years. She is a member of the EU Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) Science Committee (2017-2019). In 2018, she was elected by the IMI SC to be Vice Chair of the IMI Scientific Committee (2019-2020). DR. R. ZAC COX, BDS The Holistic Approach. Amalgam removal using the Smart Technique. Speciality Dental Surgeon and a Homeopathic Doctor BDS GDC no.: 67425 GDP Graduated as a dentist from the Cardiff Dental School, University of Wales, UK, in 1992. His research about the link between the health of oral cavities and physical health aroused his interest in holistic dentistry. As a holistic dentist he combines the knowledge and findings of traditional dentistry with naturopathy and collaborates with experts from various fields. Dr. R. Zac Cox, BDSDR. SCOTT JENSEN, M.D Physician, American politician, and member of the Minnesota Senate. A member of the Republican Party of Minnesota, he represents District 47 in the western Twin Cities metropolitan area.

All protests banned in second UK lockdown. Protest exemption set to be removed from England lockdown rules Expected move is met with fierce criticism from campaigners and human rights groups There have been a series of a high-profile protests since the pandemic erupted in the UK including demonstrations for racial equality led by the Black Lives Matter movement.  Protections for protesters are set to be removed from the coronavirus rules under the second national lockdown, it has emerged, provoking anger from human rights groups and campaigners. An exemption that permits demonstrations to take place with additional conditions designed to mitigate the spread of the virus is expected to be omitted from fresh regulations being drawn up for the lockdown that will commence from this Thursday. There have been a series of a high-profile protests since the pandemic erupted in the UK including rallies for racial equality led by the Black Lives Matter movement, racist counter-demonstrations and marches against lockdown measures directed by conspiracy theorists and extremists. While there will be no explicit ban on protests in the regulations, the removal of the exemption will render organising large-scale lawful protest almost impossible. The expected move, first revealed by the Times, has been met with fierce criticism from campaigners and human rights groups. Tyrek Morris, the co-founder of All Black Lives UK, a youth-led campaign group born out of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, said: “With regards to protesting, and protesting through the pandemic, one thing that is clear, we have no support from the government in any way shape or form.” Morris said protests organised by All Black Lives UK had faced a heavy handed response, despite meeting the criteria set out by the exemption. “Since the BLM movement arose again, the government has been completely against our protest, against protest full stop, and at every chance possible have tried to stop us. But we’ve always found a way around it. They could stop us protesting, but they can’t stop us fighting for our own rights.” Morris said criticism of the current government was implicit in the All Black Lives UK protests. “We have criticism for the way the government has mishandled the coronavirus pandemic, for how black people are more likely to suffer from this pandemic, we’ve been very vocal about Boris Johnson and his racist tendencies, his previous comments. So this does not come as a shock to me. They don’t want to hear us talk.” Rosalind Comyn, the policy and campaigns manager at Liberty, the human rights group, said: “We should all be able to stand up for what we believe in. In a healthy democracy protest is one way we do that, and that’s why any measures which stop people expressing dissent are deeply worrying and should be treated with suspicion.

David Icke banned from Twitter.  Controlling the narrative – 9/11 as an example.  Death of Robert Fisk – a tribute to him. 'Gutsy and admired' Robert Fisk was brave and controversial. He was a brilliant writer, who did his best work in wars, transporting readers to his side in some burning village. He relished making enemies, especially if they defended US or Israeli activities in the Middle East. Fisk could be obsessive. He collected bits of shrapnel, often American made and fired by Israel, so he could use serial numbers to trace their origins. When I visited Beirut from Jerusalem in the 1990s he served me gin and tonics on his balcony overlooking the Mediterranean in a Yasser Arafat souvenir glass. Robert was old school. He poked fun at the flak jacket I brought to Lebanon from the former Yugoslavia, sniffing it to check for slivovitza plum brandy. Journalism can be a dog-eat-dog trade. Fisk's colleagues were not always kind about his work. I was an admirer, eating up his vivid reportage from Beirut when I was at school, and was awestruck when first I met him. I'll miss Robert, his guts and his appetite for the fight, even though usually he followed a warm hello with some crack about the evils of television news or the BBC.

Van Morrison No More Lockdown song

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Second hour Covid Plandemic News and Investigative Reports:

ISIS terror attack in Vienna, Austria but isn't ISIS controlled by NATO? The Search for International Terrorist Entities Intelligence Group (SITE) was co-founded by Rita Katz in 2001. In 2003 Katz authored a book, Terrorist Hunter: The Extraordinary Story of a Woman Who Went Undercover to Infiltrate the Radical Islamic Groups Operating in America, which she published using the pseudonym, “Anonymous.” In the book Katz explains how she took on the trappings of a Muslim woman to infiltrate the meetings of radical Muslim terrorists. The plot is unlikely, especially when one considers that such secret fundamentalist gatherings are almost always segregated along gender lines and no woman, however elaborate her costume, would be granted entry without her identity being firmly established. SITE Intelligence Group consists of Katz and two “senior advisers,” one of whom is Bruce Hoffman, the Corporate Chair in Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency at the RAND Corporation and former director of the RAND’s Washington DC office. The SITE Intelligence Group “constantly monitors the Internet and traditional media for material and propaganda released by jihadist groups and their supporters,” the company’s website announces. “Once obtained, SITE immediately translates the material and provides the intelligence along with a contextual analysis explaining the source of the material and its importance to our subscribers.”[1] In 2003 and 2004, SITE received financial support from the US government. Also in the early 2000s SITE was on contract providing consulting services to the FBI.[2] It would appear that SITE has abandoned its non-profit status and now relies on corporate and individual subscriptions for revenue. In 2005 the private mercenary contractor Blackwater hailed SITE as “an invaluable resource.”[3] The majority of “jihadist groups” operate one or more media outlets that produce and publish “the group’s multimedia, and in some cases, communiqués and magazines,” SITE explains on its website. “These media units involve production teams and correspondents who report directly from the battlefield, and craft propaganda to indoctrinate and recruit new fighters into the group’s ranks.” SITE provides no direct links to the jihadist groups’ websites or multimedia productions from its own platform.[4] Katz describes SITE as geared toward international Islamic jihad. “[W]e at SITE for over a decade monitor, search, and study the jihadists online,” she explains. We have been studying and monitoring the jihadists online, which also as they get more sophisticated, we follow their techniques and study them. And based on that, we could predict where they will be uploading their video. After all, we have to remember that much of this propaganda is being posted online. Their releases are released online [sic]. So they have to be able to use certain locations to upload their releases before they are published.[5] Though routinely overlooked in the flurry of front-page coverage corporate media have allotted the three beheading videos–the most recent of which featured Scottish aid worker David Cawthorne Haines–it is common knowledge that SITE uncannily secures terrorist statements and videos well before the US’s wide array of lavishly-funded intelligence services. Israeli-linked SITE Intelligence Involved in Chattanooga Shooting Narrative For example, as the Washington Post reported in 2007, [a] small private intelligence company that monitors Islamic terrorist groups obtained a new Osama bin Laden video ahead of its official release last month, and around 10 a.m. on Sept. 7 … It gave two senior officials access on the condition that the officials not reveal they had it until the al-Qaeda release. Within 20 minutes, a range of intelligence agencies had begun downloading it from the company’s Web site. By midafternoon that day, the video and a transcript of its audio track had been leaked from within the Bush administration to cable television news and broadcast worldwide.[6] The video later proved to be fraudulent.

Two bombs in Afghanistan by ISIS – What is ISIS? Mossad - NATO - ISIS Claims Credit in Vienna, Austria 'Terror Attack' The Islamic State has claimed credit for the shooting spree in the city center of Vienna, Austria in a statement released by the group Tuesday, according to Reuters and the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors online extremist content. At least four people were killed and 14 others wounded, seven with life-threatening injuries, in the attack. Police shot and killed the gunman later identified as 20-year-old Kujtim Fejzulai. The country's interior minister described Fejzulai as an "Islamist terrorist." Austria's interior minister, Karl Nehammer, said two men and two women died from their injuries, according to NPR's Rob Schmitz. Nehammer said Fejzulai worked alone and was armed with a rifle and fake explosive vest. "We experienced an attack last night by at least one Islamist terrorist," Nehammer said.

Tim Wood, retired journalist who does tours of London’s Old Bailey, discusses shocking lack of funding of courts that are falling apart, and the Assange case.  TOURS, TALKS AND SEMINARS Legal London Combined Tour: A tour combining both the Old Bailey and the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ). Our most popular offering, ideal for schools, colleges, universities and crime buffs. It starts at the RCJ, a stunning historical building where some of the country’s most significant legal judgements are made. This is followed by a wander through the secret alleys and courtyards of the nearby Inns of Court, in the footsteps of some of the country’s most renowned legal minds. The tour then moves on to the Old Bailey, the country’s leading criminal court, for a talk outside on the fascinating history of the Old Bailey and a printed guide to the most interesting trials being heard that day. You will have the knowledge to make an informed choice of which case to watch. You will know what time trials are starting, what they are about and most importantly where to be and when. For more information, see Legal London Tour. The cost of this tour is £15 per head or £10 concessions (students, pensioners etc.) -Usual run time 2 hours – 11am-1pm Old Bailey Insight Tour: A morning talk at the Viaduct Tavern opposite the Old Bailey, which includes a hot drink and a croissant. Hear about the fascinating history of the Old Bailey, and the places of interest around it, such as the pub where wealthy people rented rooms to get the best view of the public executions and an exclusive view of the old Newgate Prison gaol cells.. Afterward, we can direct you straight to the most interesting cases on at the Old Bailey that day. For schools, colleges and universities, a special teachers’ information pack is available. It includes a history of the Old Bailey and an Old Bailey timeline. For more details, see: Old Bailey Insight Tour. The cost of this tour is £10 a head. – Start Times Between 9.45-10.30am – run time 1 hour – latest finish 11.30am Royal Courts of Justice & Inns of Court Tour: A guided tour of the Royal Courts of Justice, the stunning historical building where some of the country’s most significant legal judgements are made. This is followed by a wander through the secret alleys and courtyards of the nearby Inns of Court, following in the footsteps of some of the country’s most renowned legal minds. For more information, see: Royal Courts of Justice & Inns of Court

Hong Kong journalist Choy Yuk-Ling arrested for exposing police collaboration with violent Triad gang - VIDEO 21 July 2019 Yuen Long incident, where Triads attacked Metro passengers leaving 50 seriously injured VIDEO - Hong Kong Journalist Choy Yuk-Ling Arrested For Exposing Police-Triad Collaboration with 21 July 2019 Yuen Long Incident When Pro-China Triads Attacked Hong Kong Metro Passengers leaving nearly 50 seriously injured. Outrage among media groups in Hong Kong with arrest of RTHK reporter over coverage of Yuen Long railway station Triad attack Contributor Choy Yuk-ling, who helped produce episode of Hong Kong Connection on last year’s July 21 incident, arrested on suspicion of violating the Road Traffic Ordinance Journalist groups, scholars and opposition politicians accuse police of using law to suppress regular reporting activities - Police set off a storm among media organisations on Tuesday by arresting a reporter with Hong Kong’s public broadcaster over a programme about a mob attack at Yuen Long railway station, one of the most controversial and divisive chapters in last year’s anti-government protests RTHK contributor Bao Choy Yuk-ling, who co-produced an episode of the television show Hong Kong Connection on the July 21 incident, was arrested on suspicion of making a false declaration when searching for personal details of car owners in the government database. She was accused of violating the Road Traffic Ordinance by using the information she obtained for a purpose other than what she had stated when applying for access. A police source said the investigation was prompted by a complaint from a member of the public and a referral from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data. Choy was released on bail in the evening after being charged with two counts of making false statements under the Road Traffic Ordinance. Her case will be mentioned at Fanling Court next Tuesday. Choy’s arrest triggered immediate alarm and condemnation among journalist groups, scholars and opposition politicians, who accused police of using the law to suppress regular reporting activities and creating a chilling effect on investigative journalism.

Whitney Webb on Operation Warp Speed to create a Covid 19 vaccine in US,  bypassing safety measures. Operation Warp Speed Using CIA-Linked Contractor to Keep COVID-19 Vaccine Contracts Secret - Last Tuesday, while most Americans were distracted by the first U.S. presidential debate, NPR quietly reported that the U.S. government’s Operation Warp Speed, a public-private partnership launched by the Trump administration to rapidly develop and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine, had taken the unusual step of awarding contracts to vaccine companies, not directly, but through a secretive defense contractor. By Whitney Webb Last Tuesday, while most Americans were distracted by the first U.S. presidential debate, NPR quietly reported that the U.S. government’s Operation Warp Speed, a public-private partnership launched by the Trump administration to rapidly develop and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine, had taken the unusual step of awarding contracts to vaccine companies, not directly, but through a secretive defense contractor. Though NPR named the defense contractor ­ South Carolina–based Advanced Technology International (ATI) ­ they declined to explore the company’s deep ties to the CIA, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Defense and how ATI is helping to lead those agencies’ efforts to militarize health care and create a surveillance panopticon that not only monitors the world around us but our physiology as well. The “secret” vaccine contracts awarded through ATI as part of Warp Speed total approximately $6 billion, accounting for the majority of Operation Warp Speed’s $10 billion budget. Both Paul Mango, Health and Human Services’ (HHS), deputy chief of staff for policy, and Robert Kadlec, HHS assistant secretary for preparedness and response (ASPR), personally signed off on the contracts. Operation Warp Speed, which officially involves the combined efforts of HHS and the military to deliver over 300 million COVID-19 vaccines to Americans by next January, is a highly secretive program dominated by military personnel, most of whom have no experience in health care or vaccine production. The Trump administration has often compared Warp Speed to the Manhattan Project, which produced the atomic bomb.

A Month Ago Lance Murdoch Double L MC predicted the new lockdown would be announced on the Blue Moon Halloween. 

The Traitors Of Arnhem - by Tony Gosling (Oct 2020) - Free watermarked PDF of my book on Sept 1944 'Bridge Too Far' Arnhem battle and bringing of Hitler's treasurer Martin Bormann to England at the end of WWII The extraordinary September 1944 battle to liberate Arnhem and Nijmegen fell at a time when there were moves within the Allied high command, particularly on the British side, to cooperate with the Nazis in an already projected post-war fight with the Soviet Union. Indeed, after the war Winston Churchill had to be kept off the BBC, as he had been in the late 1930s, but by 1950 he was advocating for a speedy nuclear attack, as General Patton and others had, on Moscow. This seemingly unstoppable thirst for war rather betrays the pre-war concept of covert support for Nazi Germany as a buffer against Soviet communism from Wall Street and UK fascists. Key pro-Nazis in 1930s England were Edward VIII and Bank of England governor Montague Norman. Field Marshal Montgomery's concept behind MARKET-GARDEN was a sound one, to obtain a bridgehead over the Lower Rhine would have seeded panic in German defences and supply lines, and by directly threatening Germany's industrial heartland, likely brought the war to a speedy conclusion. However, several enormous operational errors, which in light of more recent events may be considered sabotage, diverted field officers and the overall operation from the original plan. 

Catholic Archbishop Nuncio announces 'The End Of Times' and the ‘Deep Church’, controlled by the 'New World Order' and Freemasonry. "The fate of the whole world is being threatened by a global conspiracy against God and humanity," Viganò wrote in the letter, which comes just days before the US election, which the archbishop wrote was of "epochal importance." WATCH the video of the talk: Archbishop Viganò Addresses the Catholic Identity Conference 2020 (Francis & the New World Order) The Italian archbishop best known for confronting Pope Francis over the Vatican's willful blindness to priests who abuse boys has written a letter in which he lashes out at the "global elite", prompting some to accuse him of sympathizing with the "QAnon" movement of conspiracy theorists. The letter, penned by Archibishop Carlo Maria Vigano, formerly the Vatican's ambassador to the US, attacks a shadowy "global elite", that is plotting a "Great Reset" intended to undermine "God and humanity". This same group, the archbishop argued, is also responsible for the lockdowns that have restricted movement and freedom around the globe, eliciting protests in many European capitals. "The fate of the whole world is being threatened by a global conspiracy against God and humanity," Viganò wrote in the letter, which comes just days before the US election, which the archbishop wrote was of "epochal importance." “No one, up until last February,” Viganò writes, “would ever have thought that, in all of our cities, citizens would be arrested simply for wanting to walk down the street, to breathe, to want to keep their business open, to want to go to church on Sunday. Yet now it is happening all over the world, even in picture-postcard Italy that many Americans consider to be a small enchanted country, with its ancient monuments, its churches, its charming cities, its characteristic villages.” Viganò adds: “And while the politicians are barricaded inside their palaces promulgating decrees like Persian satraps, businesses are failing, shops are closing, and people are prevented from living, traveling, working, and praying." - “No one, up until last February,” Viganò writes, “would ever have thought that, in all of our cities, citizens would be arrested simply for wanting to walk down the street, to breathe, to want to keep their business open, to want to go to church on Sunday. Yet now it is happening all over the world, even in picture-postcard Italy that many Americans consider to be a small enchanted country, with its ancient monuments, its churches, its charming cities, its characteristic villages.” Viganò adds: “And while the politicians are barricaded inside their palaces promulgating decrees like Persian satraps, businesses are failing, shops are closing, and people are prevented from living, traveling, working, and praying." Working to protect the world from this group of elites seeking to recast society in a secular, totalitarian model, Viganò portrays President Trump as “the final garrison against the world dictatorship". Viganò cast Trump's opponent, Vice President Joe Biden, as "a person who is manipulated by the deep state."

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