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Program Information
Class War Battlefield Podcast
Vphiamer Adis (Host), Others
 Mahoka Mwako Asili Temple  Contact Contributor
Feb. 25, 2024, midnight
Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2023.25.00.
Renewable Energies and the Irony of Energy independence

With Clips from Atlanta News First, BTNH Nation (Song 1), Nelson Lauren, Youtube Channel Named Speeches, PBSNewsHour, Mitchell NewsNetwork, The Economics Archives, Ken Pruitt, Health, Gangstabeat4theplaya (Song 2), Wikipedia Audio, The51Project, CriticalPast, NBC News, JoBlo Movie Clips, CBS News, Retro Man, 2GreenEnergy LLC, American Archive of Public, Stephaniexh, The Obama White House, The Majority Report, SciShow

This is an episode at least 12 years in the making. Michael Moore’s, Capitalism, A Love Story; mentally prepared me to unpack what I had began noticing living life near to the bottom rung in this society. The same year I watched his movie, I watched “Wall Street” and began reading more heavily, books critical of or informative of Capitalism. Why did I do this, because for years I had questions about the glorious system I lived in, a system I had seen go through many iterations in my life, tearing apart my community as it did. Moore’s Movie (to return to my original point), introduced me to Jimmy Carter’s Crisis of Confidence Speech. It was a year before I listened to it in its entirety, almost immediately I understood its importance; but another year and a half would pass before I knew I wanted to create an episode about it. Honestly I figured I would use the speech as a standalone piece, reading it afterwards while commentating on it (have you listened to the first of my Article Reaction Series yet). Alas, no plan is perfect; this will have to do – and it does. I record this episode during the early months in 2023, hence the Episode numbering (not mistake was made). The Episode, as you might guess by the title; is more about renewable energies. The commentary I provide is more about these vital energy resources which is why I structured the clips the way I did, with the heavy emphasis towards the end on Solar Power. Among other topics, I speak about what Carters call for an energy Revolution actually sounded like to the money men who were running the energy sector at the time; and how his speech was more than the proverbial wake up call for a drug addict (the public was high on consumption), it WAS a wake-up call. And people ignored it. The Professional Left Podcast has recently introduced to me the idea that people of a certain age (let’s say in their 60s-80s) saw Obama as a problem because of his age; they are on to something. Carter was 52 when he assumed the presidency (not as young as Obama, but) look at who he was replaced with. For a country or nation, growing up means passing the torch from one generation to another; it means acknowledging new ideas and admitting the failures of shortcomings of the previous generations productive years while laying the groundwork for forthcoming years; many societies never prepare themselves for this. Hope you enjoy the episode.

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Link to the Complete History of Rome Series by Michael Duncan -
Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2023.25.00 References

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[CLIP 19 – 02:05:21 mark – Date Originated: May 09th, 2014]
Inside the White House: Solar Panels/ The Obama White House -
[CLIP 20 – 02:08:03 mark – Date Originated: August 16th, 2013]
White House Brings Back Solar Panels/ The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder -
[CLIP 21 – 02:10:17 mark – Date Originated: May 24th, 2020]
5 Inventions Showing Us the Future of Solar Energy/ SciShow -
3:12:18 – REFERENCES

How Ronald Reagan Turned Out the Lights on Solar Power/ Pacific Standard -

The History of Solar Energy - Part 1/ 2GreenEnergy, LLC -

5 Years with Solar Panels - Is It Still Worth It?/ Undecided with Matt Ferrell -

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