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BCfm documentary specials
Files continued to work for Charlie Nicoletti until Chuck was murdered on 29th March 1977
Weekly Program
James Files
 Bristol Broadband Co-operative  Contact Contributor
June 4, 2016, 2:42 p.m.
James Files (Sutton) was born in Alabama in January 1942. His family moved to Chicago and he lived there until joining the United States Army and served with the 82nd Airborne in Vietnam (1959-60). After leaving the army he met Charlie Nicoletti, a leading figure in the Chicago Mafia. Files was involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion. In 1962 Files claims that he met Lee Harvey Oswald in Clinton, Louisiana.
In 1963 Files was recruited by Nicoletti to take part in the killing of John F. Kennedy. Nicoletti claimed that the assassination was being organized by Sam Giancana, Johnny Roselli and David Atlee Phillips. Files claims that Lee Harvey Oswald was involved in the plot and speculated that his role was to plant the Mannlicher Rifle and shells in the Texas Book Depository.
On 22nd November, 1963, Files claims he drove to Fort Worth where he met Johnny Roselli, Jack Ruby and Jim Brading. At the meeting Ruby handed Rosselli an envelope that contained Secret Service identifications and an updated motorcade route map of Dallas.
Files and Nicoletti went to Dealey Plaza at about 10 a.m. It was agreed that Files would use his Remington Fireball gun from behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll and that Nicoletti would position himself in the Dal-Tex Building. Files believes that Nicolettis bullets hit both John F. Kennedy and John Connally. However, Files claimed that his bullet that hit Kennedy in the head. Apparently Files was given $30,000 for his role in the assassination. Files continued to work for Charlie Nicoletti until he was murdered on 29th March, 1977.
Files was arrested on 5th August, 1991 and charged with attempting to kill a policeman called David Ostertag. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison and is currently a prisoner in Stateville Prison in Illinois.
In 1994 Files told his story to Joe West. After the death of West the project was taken over by Bob Vernon. The story was eventually appeared in a video The Murder of JFK: Confession of an Assassin (1996). A book on the subject, Files on JFK: Interviews with Confessed Assassin James E. Files (2008).
David Phillips
David Atlee Phillips (October 31, 1922 – July 7, 1988) (Maurice Bishop) was a Central Intelligence Agency officer for 25 years, one of a handful of people to receive the Career Intelligence Medal. He rose to become the CIA's chief of all operations in the Western hemisphere. In 1975 he founded the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO), an alumni association comprising intelligence officers from all services.

Charles Nicoletti
Charlie (Chuck) Nicoletti was a leading figure in the Mafia in Chicago. He worked under Tony Accardo and Sam Giancana and got the reputation as an effective contract killer. He was also involved in the CIA plots to overthrow Fidel Castro in Cuba.
On 29th March, 1977, Charles Nicoletti was murdered in Chicago. He had been shot three times in the back of the head. George De Mohrenschildt died the same day. Both men were due to appear before the Select House Committee on Assassinations where they were to be asked about their involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Johnny Roselli
John Roselli (Filippo Sacco) first became involved in crime when he worked for Al Capone in the 1920s. By the end of the Second World War Roselli had emerged as a senior crime boss in Las Vegas with close links to Meyer Lansky. In 1947 the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) identified him as a leading figure in the Mafia and a close associate of Santos Trafficante.
In March I960, President Dwight Eisenhower of the United States approved a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) plan to overthrow Fidel Castro. The plan involved a budget of $13 million to train "a paramilitary force outside Cuba for guerrilla action." The strategy was organised by Richard Bissell and Richard Helms.
Sidney Gottlieb of the CIA Technical Services Division was asked to come up with proposals that would undermine Castro's popularity with the Cuban people. Plans included a scheme to spray a television studio in which he was about to appear with an hallucinogenic drug and contaminating his shoes with thallium which they believed would cause the hair in his beard to fall out.

Tony Accardo
Born April 26, 1906, in Chicago, Illinois, to a shoemaker and his wife, Antonino Leonardo Accardo dropped out of grade school and quickly dedicated himself to a life of organized crime. Accardo came to infamy as a hitman for Al Capone who allegedly participated in the Valentine's Day Massacre. Never convicted of his crimes, Accardo denied any ties to the mob until his death in 1992.

Frank Sturgis
Sturgis was involved in gunrunning to Cuba. On 30th July, 1958, Sturgis was arrested for illegal possession of arms. However, he was released without charge. There is some evidence that in 1959 Sturgis had contact with Lewis McWillie, the manager of the Tropicana Casino.

Theodore (Ted) Shackley
Shackley, whose nickname was the "Blond Ghost" (because he hated to be photographed) became involved in CIA's Black Operations. This involved a policy that was later to become known as Executive Action (a plan to remove unfriendly foreign leaders from power). This included a coup d'état that overthrew the Guatemalan government of Jacobo Arbenz in 1954 after he introduced land reforms and nationalized the United Fruit Company.

Sam Giancana
Salvatore "Mooney Sam" Giancana, better known as Sam Giancana, was a Sicilian American mobster, notable for being boss of the Chicago Outfit from 1957–1966 (see book 'Double Cross')
In 1960 Giancana was involved in talks with Allen W. Dulles, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), about the possibility of murdering Fidel Castro. It is claimed that during the 1960 presidential election Giancana used his influence in Illinois to help John F. Kennedy defeat Richard Nixon. The two men, at that time, shared the same girlfriend, Judith Campbell Exner.
After becoming president John F. Kennedy appointed his brother, Robert Kennedy, as U.S. Attorney General. The two men worked closely together on a wide variety of issues including the attempt to tackle organized crime. One of their prime targets was to get Giancana arrested.
On 22nd November, 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated. Rumours began to circulate that Giancana and other gang bosses such as Santos Trafficante, Carlos Marcello, and Johnny Roselli, were involved in the crime.
In 1975 Frank Church and his Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities discovered that Judith Campbell had been involved with both Giancana and John F. Kennedy. It emerged that during the 1960 presidential election Campbell took messages from Giancana to Kennedy. Campbell later claimed these messages concerned the plans to murder Fidel Castro. Kennedy also began an affair with Campbell and used her as a courier to carry sealed envelopes to Giancana. He told her they contained "intelligence material" concerning the plot to kill Castro.
Giancana was now ordered to appear before Church's committee. However, before he could appear, on 19th June, 1975, Sam Giancana was murdered in his own home. He had a massive wound in the back of the head. He had also been shot six times in a circle around the mouth.

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