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State Of The City reports
Dr Andrew Kaufman's Disinformation Film 'Terrain' Attempts To Demolish 'Germ Theory', Virus/Bacterial Pathogens Are Fiction
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Police ‘handed’ gun to loyalist terrorist used in 1992 massacre - Kier Starmer-run CPS “destroyed” all their Jimmy Savile files on October 26, 2010 - Friend To Child Abusers Jimmy Savile and Rev Peter Ball, Adulterer, Wife Killer: Prince Charles Ticking Time-Bomb Under 1145 Years of Christian England - Bristol’s ‘Illuminati’ Merchant Venturers may be disbanded - Politician Neil McEvoy has founded 'Propel' party, exposing the fact that deals are done to stitch up the Welsh taxpayer because Labour and Plaid Cymru are virtually the same – The Great Reshaft: Klaus Schwab admits to 'penetrating' governments of Canada, France, Argentina etc with WEF agents - Back to Miasma? Katharine Gun and Dr Andrew Kaufmann both preponents of Terrain Theory which says bacteria don't cause disease and that viruses don't exist - NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling
Police ‘handed’ gun used in 1992 massacre to loyalist terrorist – Kier Starmer-run CPS “destroyed” all their Jimmy Savile files on October 26, 2010 – Friend To Child Abusers Jimmy Savile and Rev Peter Ball, Adulterer, Wife Killer: Prince Charles Ticking Time-Bomb Under 1145 Years of Christian England – Bristol’s ‘Illuminati’ Merchant Venturers may be disbanded – Politician Neil McEvoy has founded ‘Propel’ party, exposing the fact that deals are done to stitch up the Welsh taxpayer because Labour and Plaid Cymru are virtually the same – Back to Miasma? Katharine Gun and Dr Andrew Kaufmann both preponents of Terrain Theory which says bacteria don’t cause disease and that viruses don’t exist – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling
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Part One – News Review and Investigative Reports

Belfast Massacre – Loyalists had help from British establishment – Police ‘handed’ gun used in 1992 Sean Graham massacre to loyalist terrorist NI Police Ombudsman finds litany of ‘collusive behaviours’ as campaign against Catholics escalated A gun used in a 1992 massacre at a Belfast bookmakers, in which five people were murdered, was handed to a known loyalist terrorist by police, a report by Northern Ireland’s Police Ombudsman has found. Marie Anderson’s investigation lays bare a litany of “collusive behaviours” between police and the loyalist paramilitaries as they escalated their murderous campaign against Catholics during the 1990s. She said police were guilty of “significant” investigative and intelligence failures in relation to 11 loyalist murders and several attempted murders by the Ulster Defence Association (UDA)/Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF), the report states. These included the attack on Sean Graham Bookmakers on the Ormeau Road on February 5th, 1992. Ms Anderson’s inquiry reveals that “deactivated” and “live” weapons were handed over to loyalist paramilitaries by police at the time, despite officers knowing that the terrorists had the ability to reactivate them. A Browning pistol, used in the Sean Graham killings, was originally stolen from the Ulster Defence Regiment ­ an infantry of the British army ­ along with other weapons and “made available” to police by an informant, who was a “quartermaster” in the UDA/UFF.

Russia/Ukraine fiasco. Espionage and child abuse – Russia has all the files on West’s VIPs. Exclusive: Westminster child abuse scandal: KGB and CIA kept secret dossiers on Britain’s VIP paedophiles Both Russian and US intelligence knew about a group of powerful paedophiles operating in Britain and the KGB hoped to blackmail them in exchange for information Open secret: Even the KGB knew all about former Rochadale MP Cyril Smith’s paedophile tendencies 31 Jan 2015 Russian and US spies compiled their own secret dossiers on paedophile MPs and other VIP abusers , it has been claimed. Police are investigating missing files put together by UK campaigners which allege a powerful network at the heart of Westminister in the 1970s and 80s. The Sunday People can reveal that agents from the Russian KGB and the American CIA were also said to have compiled their own intelligence in search of “dirt” on key individuals at the height of the Cold War. One source close to the KGB said: “These were troubled times and my task was to identify people who could perhaps help us with information. “We knew of some MPs who loved rent boys, and others who were active paedophiles. “We were also aware of some unusual activities at Westminster and the work of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). “Several regular names emerged and we wanted to make contact and use this to our advantage. “In those days, MPs were protected by Special Branch and anyone with a chequered history, or an unhealthy appetite for young children, was soon flagged up by them. “They had a difficult job but were fully aware that we knew what they knew, and they tried hard to suppress any possible leaks.”

Katharine Gun – Journalist Martin Bright told her that child sex abuse was rife in British establishment. Katharine Gun – honey traps, espionage, and sex trafficking. Jimmy Savile – Alison Levitt QC looked in to how the CPS handled his case – records from 2009 and 2010 had gone missing Alison Levitt QC Jimmy Savile report for DPP Kier Starmer summary January-2013 Savile, who abused 500 women and children, died in 2011 without facing justice. In 2012, after it became clear the Top of the Pops host had attacked and abused hundreds of children and women in hospitals, schools and while filming his BBC shows, an inquiry was carried out Alison Levitt QC, on Mr Starmer’s own orders. She found that police treated the victims and the accounts they gave ‘with a degree of caution which was neither justified nor required’. Savile also made veiled threats against officers if sexual abuse allegations against him did not ‘disappear’. Detectives looking at allegations advised the CPS not to prosecute Savile, believing his explanation that it was all made up and the price of being famous. Alison Levitt was also critical of the approach taken by the CPS’ reviewing lawyer, but did not suggest that Mr Starmer was personally involved in the decisions made. The lawyer was also criticised for failing to properly build a case with the police or spot inconsistencies in their reports after interviewing Savile under caution and four of his victims. But there was some criticism that as DPP, Sir Keir should have been more aware of what was happening in one of the highest profile cases in the UK at that time. As head of the CPS, Sir Keir later apologised, admitting the failure to prosecute Savile was a ‘watershed moment’ for the organisation. But avoided any admonishment in Ms Levitt’s report.

BBC Newsnight 2012 interview with Alison Levitt QC and some of Jimmy Savile’s victims about the Jimmy Savile cover-up at the CPS and why Savile was not prosecuted. Levitt made clear that the fault did not simply lie with the police. She said, “I have reservations about the way in which the prosecutor reached his decision… On the face of it, the allegations made were both serious and credible; the prosecutor should have recognised this and sought to “build” a prosecution. In particular, there were aspects of what he was told by the police as to the reasons that the victims did not want to give evidence which should have caused him to ask further questions. Instead, he appears to have treated the obstacles as fatal to the prospects of a prosecution taking place. ” Levitt further concludes that “I have been driven to conclude that had the police and prosecutors taken a different approach a prosecution might have been possible.” In other words, mistakes were made by police AND the Prosecution Service and the 2009 decision not to prosecute is itself regarded as flawed. The report is clearly not laying all of the blame on decisions made by police before Starmer became DPP. At least the police kept records. The CPS file was “destroyed” on October 26, 2010, and Levitt was therefore dependent upon records kept by police. The details from the CPS side were not available to her and so she was not able to comment upon them. This is the context for her conclusion that “I have seen nothing to suggest that the decisions not to prosecute were consciously influenced by any improper motive on the part of either police or prosecutors.” Levitt makes clear that “I have been dependent on the material provided by the police to show what documents were seen by the reviewing lawyer and the advice which was given.” Levitt confirms she was told that the record was deleted “because the decision had been reached that no further action should be taken, for data protection reasons and in accordance with our normal policy, the CMS record was automatically deleted.” However, this may be at odds with the CPS’s Retention and Disposal Schedule (the guidelines for retaining and disposing of CPS files) of the time, which states, “that Advice / discontinued cases where the full file has been provided and no proceedings have taken place or where the case was discontinued before trial” should be retained for “5 years following the date of advice/discontinuance,” not a year and a half, a period which doesn’t fit any of the timelines within the retention schedule in place in 2008. We know from the Levitt report that a “complete” file on Savile was submitted to the CPS on 19th November, so why wasn’t it kept for the 5 years specified by the retention schedule? It’s also noteworthy that Levitt only claimed that she had been “told” that the disposal had been in line with policy, not that she had independently confirmed that it was. To conclude, this analysis suggests that it has not been proven that Starmer had no personal involvement in the decision not to prosecute Savile. We do know that there were issues with the decision and that the relevant information held by the CPS was destroyed, possibly in violation of the Prosecution Service’s own retention and disposal policy. This indicates that a new inquiry, fully independent of the CPS, may be in order, if we are ever to get to the bottom of this mystery. This inquiry should specifically investigate whether Starmer as DPP knew of or was consulted on the decision not to prosecute Savile and if the CPS records relating to the case were in fact properly handled in accordance with CPS retention and disposal policy.

Prince Charles’s involvement with Savile. Although the official line is that Savile and Charles met in the 1970s as part of the coincidence of mutual charity work, Savile himself has stated that he was friends with the Royal family “for a million years.” In fact, it was reported that Savile actually stated he was introduced to the Royals in 1966 by Lord Mountbatten, a known child abuser and sexual pervert. – In 1999, after the Prince accepted Savile’s invitation to a private meal at Savile’s home in Glencoe, Scotland, Savile had arranged for three women to parade around dressed in pinafores, a type of dress without sleeves and an open back that is often worn over other dresses. Interestingly enough, pinafores were often worn by children.After the dinner, Charles wrote Savile a Christmas Card with a note that read, “Jimmy, with affectionate greetings from Charles. Give my love to your ladies in Scotland.”

Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles’ very close friendship with sex abuse bishop Peter Ball – Lit by the flickering light of a log fire, their faces glowed with sober mutual interest. The prince with the troubled soul and the priest with all the answers. Staff at Highgrove, the Prince of Wales’s country home, had grown accustomed to these intimate exchanges when the Rt Rev Peter Ball, the now disgraced Bishop of Gloucester, came to offer solace and enlightenment to their boss. Charles had long been an admirer of the charismatic and dedicated Anglican churchman, who slept on an old horsehair mattress on the floor of his own Gloucester residence and rose for prayer at 4.30am. Ex Bishop of Gloucester the Right Reverend Peter Ball is the most senior member of the Church of England to be arrested for offences against children. Ball was arrested on eight suspected cases of abuse against boys and young men ranging from ages 12 to 20 during the 1980s to 1990s. Ball was finally forced to resign in 1993 after he was served with a police caution for “committing an act of gross indecency against a teenager.” Upon his resignation, Ball retired to Manor Lodge, “a wisteria-clad property owned by the Duchy of Cornwall.” Manor Lodge is a property of the Prince’s Duchy of Cornwall.In reference to his new living arrangements, Ball stated, “He (Prince Charles) has been wonderfully kind and allowed me to have a duchy house.

‘Why is Prince Charles so disliked?’ Will The World Want Prince Charles As King? documentary – as King he will become head of Church of England For 56 years Prince Charles has been the king in waiting – a wait that has surely been hard on him. Against the background of his wedding to Camilla the film examines his controversial ideas on architecture (nothing too modern, please), on medicine (coffee enemas and a diet of liquidised fruit) and on religion (flirting with Islam, Sikhism and regularly visiting the Greek orthodox monasteries on Mount Athos). Looking at the heir to the throne’s difficult relationships with women, family and the public, we find out what makes Charles tick.

Prince Charles’ partner Klaus Schwab in 2017 talking at JFK School of Government – proud of WEF’s achievement with Young Global Leaders and Global Shapers becoming top figures. Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics – The 2017 Malcolm H. Wiener Lecture on International Political Economy Klaus Schwab, MPA 1967; Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum – David Gergen (Moderator), Public Service Professor of Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School; Faculty Director, Center for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School Says Klaus Schwab: “I have to say then I mention names like Mrs Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on they all have been Young Global Leaders of The World Economic Forum. But what we are really proud of now with the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina and so on, is that we penetrate the cabinets… It is true in Argentina and it is true in France now… ” Klaus Schwab also talks about his ‘global shapers’ group who have been pushing his fascist agenda throughout the world. Except in Russia.

Klaus Schwab confesses in 2017 that his World Economic Forum (WEF) has been infiltrating national governments: “I have to say then I mention names like Mrs Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on they all have been Young Global Leaders of The World Economic Forum. But what we are really proud of now with the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina and so on, is that we penetrate the cabinets… It is true in Argentina and it is true in France now… “

PMQs The Speaker on their tradition of stopping accusations of lying in parliament and at PMQs. PMQs – Kier Starmer – Boris’s parties and his lies.

Neil McAvoy, former Labour and Plaid Cymru MS, has founded a People’s Party, Propel, exposing the fact that deals are done to stitch up the Welsh taxpayer because Labour and Plaid Cymru are virtually the same – As Welsh people we have come together to live in communities. As such, community sovereignty and the right of communities to influence decisions must be respected. Major changes to our communities, particularly with regard to planning and development, should not be imposed centrally and should be ratified through democratic, local referenda. Decentralisation of decision making to community level must be a principle of government. All countries, no matter how big or small, can stand on their own two feet and be successful. But more than that, we have a duty and responsibility to govern our own country. National sovereignty should be the overarching aim for our nation. Wales must be governed from Wales. Whilst sovereignty can be shared, any sharing of national sovereignty, or actions that would lessen national sovereignty, must be approved through national referenda…

Bristol’s ‘Illuminati’ Merchant Venturers may be disbanded PMQs Peter Bone – bill to abolish BBC licence fee. Differences between right and left in politics. C4 report about Cressida Dick resigning from MET. Bristol has many protests in one day. Staff challenge University of Bristol on links to Society of Merchant Venturers They also want honorary degrees for the so-called ‘Colston 4’ Lecturers and staff at the University of Bristol have called on the university to ‘fundamentally reconsider’ its ties with the Society of Merchant Venturers. The Bristol University branch of the University and College Union said the university should also reconsider the links between the university and the schools in Bristol that are run by the Society. In response, the university has strongly defended its ties with the Merchant Venturers, which date back to the setting up of the university more than 100 years ago, and both organisations said they were ‘proud’ to co-sponsor the Venturers Trust group of academy schools. In a list of requests to the University of Bristol, the UCU also called for work to ‘decolonise’ the University of Bristol’s buildings and logo to be completed. And the staff union also said the Colston 4 – the four people who were found not guilty of their part in the toppling of the statue of Edward Colston in June 2020 – should be given honorary doctorates from the university. But the most fundamental call from the UCU relates to the relationship between the University of Bristol and the Society of Merchant Venturers, which dates back to the founding of the university in the 1900s. The calls from the UCU for the university to examine its links to the Society of Merchant Venturers come in the same week Bristol Live revealed that two of Bristol’s four MPs had explicitly called for the Society as an organisation to disband, and a third questioned their accountability.

Ukraine: Russian invasion could happen ‘at any time’ – but Defence Secretary Ben Wallace hopeful after ‘constructive’ talks in Moscow PMQs gas prices. Public vs privately run services and resources. Debate with Chris Exley and Chris Busby – ‘Is Science Dead?’ – science as religion. Social sciences. PMQs rent in Northern England – renters reform bill? Russia/Ukraine fiasco – Ben Wallace, Defence Secretary, in Moscow, saying Russia doesn’t intend to invade Ukraine.

Kier Starmer complaining about Stop the War and it’s ant-NATO stance. Liz Truss on sanctions on Russia. US – false flag attack RT banned in Germany. Keir Starmer accuses Stop the War coalition of siding with Nato’s enemies Exclusive: Labour leader affirms support for transatlantic alliance and attacks organisation in which Jeremy Corbyn is leading figure Keir Starmer has launched an outspoken attack on the Stop the War coalition, in which Jeremy Corbyn is a leading figure, effectively accusing the campaign group of siding with Russia against Nato. In an opinion article for the Guardian, written on the way to Brussels where he reaffirmed Labour’s staunch support for Nato, Starmer says Stop the War are “not benign voices for peace”. “At best they are naive, at worst they actively give succour to authoritarian leaders who directly threaten democracies. There is nothing progressive in showing solidarity with the aggressor when our allies need our solidarity and – crucially – our practical assistance now more than ever.” He said Putin’s regime would see Stop the War protesters in the UK as “virtue signallers” who were “providing a smokescreen so it can go on beating up and jailing those brave individuals that dare to stand up to its despotism on the streets of Russia”. He accused the group of a “kneejerk reflex: ‘Britain, Canada, the United States, France – wrong; their enemies – right’.” Corbyn is the deputy president of the Stop the War coalition, alongside Andrew Murray, who was chief of staff to the former Unite union leader Len McCluskey. Murray is a former communist who joined Labour when Corbyn became leader. The group’s president is the musician Brian Eno. Stop the War was founded in the run-up to the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, and regularly holds rallies on issues including Israel and Palestine. Its critics claim it is not just anti-war, but anti-west. Stop the War is holding an online rally on Thursday evening, with the title No War in Ukraine: Stop Nato Expansion. Speakers include Corbyn and the Labour MP Diane Abbott. Starmer said: “Nobody wants war. At first glance some on the left may be sympathetic to those siren voices who condemn Nato. But to condemn Nato is to condemn the guarantee of democracy and security it brings and which our allies in eastern and central Europe are relying on as the sabre-rattling from Moscow grows ever louder.” Murray rejected the Labour leader’s criticisms, saying: “Keir Starmer ignores Nato’s actual role over the past 25 years. It is those who supported intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya who have shown solidarity with the aggressor.” “Stop the War called those conflicts right when most Labour MPs did not,” he added. “Keir Starmer would do better to back the French and German governments in seeking a diplomatic solution.”

Christopher Hitchins giving talk in US – Reinhard Gehlen, Nazi Intelligence Officer, becomes head of US Intelligence after WW2 – origins of Vietnam war. Hitler’s ghost occupies the hallowed ground of the US Central Intelligence Agency. General Reinhard Gehlen was Hitler’s top Soviet spy during WWII and was recruited by Allen Dulles, the first director of the CIA. According to Martin Lee, writing in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Gehlen returned to West Germany in the summer of 1946 with a mandate to rebuild his espionage organization and resume spying on the East at the behest of American intelligence. That date is significant as it preceded the onset of the Cold War, which, according to standard U.S. historical accounts, did not begin until a year later, according to Lee. The early courtship of Gehlen by American intelligence suggests that Washington was in a Cold War mode sooner than most people realize. The Gehlen gambit also belies the prevalent Western notion that aggressive Soviet policies were primarily to blame for triggering the Cold War. Based near Munich, Gehlen proceeded to enlist thousands of Gestapo, Wehrmacht, and SS veterans. Even the vilest of the vile–the senior bureaucrats who ran the central administrative apparatus of the Holocaust–were welcome in the “Gehlen Org,” as it was called, including Alois Brunner, Adolf Eichmann’s chief deputy. SS major Emil Augsburg and Gestapo captain Klaus Barbie, otherwise known as the “Butcher of Lyon,” were among those who did double duty for Gehlen and U.S. intelligence, indicated Lee.

Bitchute video of complete show

Part Two – Covid Climate Round-Up With End Times Prophecy Reports

Anthony Hall, who lives in Alberta, Canada, gives his experience of the Freedom Convoy and gives his views on what he calls the Scamdemic and how it is leading to the 4th Industrial Revolution. C4 report on the Canada Freedom Convoy – against Covid vaccine mandates. The Truckers Take Abuse in Ottawa: COVID Crimes Committed Behind the Cover of “Emergency Measures” By Prof. Anthony J. Hall Global Research, February 12, 2022 In the name of a supposed health emergency, governments have assigned to themselves all sorts of new powers. This state of emergency was deemed to be a necessary requirement to facilitate the fight against the spread of the supposedly new coronavirus. To this day the government claims the existence of a dire health emergency on the basis of alleged evidence that has never been subjected to a thoroughgoing judicial evaluation in court. See this.

CANADA: THE GREAT RESHAFT: These claims of emergency have never been seriously spelled out, let alone proven, in front of judges. Hence our judges have shown themselves to be unequal to the responsibilities of defending the rule of law when it is most subject to severe attack. Just when we needed fair and balanced arbitration the most, judges in many jurisdictions backed away from testing the rigged data put in front of them by the very governments that gave them their judicial appointments. Now Ottawa is the site of yet another government claim that another emergency measure is warranted. This time the real reason for the claim that added government powers are needed, is to facilitate the criminalization, harassment, and ejection of a group of justice-promoting truckers seeking an audience with our national government in Canada’s national capital. The goal is to politicize the work of the Ottawa police force and put the agency at the disposal of the minority Liberal government led by a mentally unstable Justin Trudeau.

In 1992, Klaus Schwab and World Economic Forum launched a program initially called Global Leaders of Tomorrow. In 2004, this program was turned into the Forum for Young Global Leaders (which I cover in my book The Global Coup D’Etat) – a 5-year program of indoctrination into WEFs principles and goals. The aim was – and is – to find suitable future leaders for the emerging global society. The program has since its inception has included politicians, business leaders, royalty, journalists, performers and other cultural influencers who have excelled in their fields but have not yet turned 40 years of age (originally 43 in order to include Angela Merkel). It has since grown into an extensive global network of dedicated leaders with enormous resources and influence, all working to implement the technocratic plans of the World Economic Forum in their respective nations and fields. The network creates a force for worldwide influence through the combination of the individual skills and resources of its members. As Klaus Schwab says in the introductory quote, it has become very successful. Already in the first year, 1992, a number of highly influential candidates were elected. Among 200 selected were global profiles such as Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Nicolas Sarkozy, Bill Gates, Bono, Richard Branson (Virgin), Jorma Ollila (Shell Oil), and José Manuel Barroso (President of the European Commission 2004–2014).[1]

Susan Lindauer, author of ‘Extreme Prejudice’, on Canadian Freedom Convoy and how people are leaving jobs in US if they don’t want Covid vaccine – heading in to a global depression? Susan Lindauer was a CIA asset who was asked to work as a back channel to Iraq and to Libya prior to 911. She also worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA.) She was active in the anti-sanctions movement. Two million Iraqis died from those sanctions prior to George W Bush’s war. She was under indictment and a gag order thanks to the Patriot Act. She was convicted under the Patriot Act in 2008 and held for a year to keep her under wraps during the elections. She was never paid for the work she did. The only evidence at her trial was that she was on assignment in New York and met with the Iraqi UN ambassador. She was convicted under the Patriot Act because she went to lunch on orders from the CIA and allowed the Iraqi ambassador to buy her a cheeseburger. The free lunch cost her a year in a military prison. The most important story she told was that on the morning of 911 Dr Richard Fuisz, her boss at the CIA, saw a video the Israelis sent to the CIA and the President showing the first plane hitting the World Trade Center North Tower. This must be the video of the first plane hitting the WTC, George Bush saw in the morning of 911 prior to entering that classroom in Florida. The second plane did not hit the South Tower until after President Bush was inside the classroom. Lindauer and Fuisz thought this video was conclusive proof that Israel did 911. After getting out of prison, Susan Lindauer wrote her book Extreme Prejudice.

Katharine Gun – different levels of consciousness mean some people are susceptible to hypnosis – Terrain Theory where Covid doesn’t exist. Hegemony – political ideas where the masses are controlled. Katharine Gun – Germ ‘Theory’. BUT this is how a virus is detected, isolated, grown in tissue cultures, determined to be an RNA or DNA virus by uptake of the proper radioactive nucleotide, infect experimental animals with it, elicit antibodies to it and precipitate the virus with them, visualize it by immunofluorescence and electron microscopy, determine its density and more. Perhaps you should share it with people who claim viruses do not exist! Clip from new ‘disinformation’ film: ‘Terrain’ the blurb: In 2020 Marcelina Cravat was introduced to the work of Andrew Kaufman M.D. when he was thrust onto a worldwide stage for debunking the mainstream narrative of a viral pandemic by sifting through all of the published documentation that justified a tyrannical worldwide lockdown. As the mandates rolled out Marcelina Cravat sought to satisfy her curiosity and concerns for truthful information and called Dr. Andy out of the blue, who fortunately on that day, picked up his phone. Marcelina, realizing she had a unique talent to present this valuable information to the world, sought to provide a strong outlet.Given the seriousness of the world situation and the public’s misguided perceptions of reality, there was no time to waste. The time was ripe, and quickly very interesting ideas began to take form and TERRAIN was born.

Government plans for more 5G infrastructure Britain’s 5G boom is set to be boosted with new kit installed on road signs, bus shelters and traffic lights Government has announced it is making it easier for telecoms companies to put antennas on public infrastructure Phone users need to be closer to 5G ‘cell sites’ in order to get good signal Although the mobile network is quicker it has a smaller range Firms able to create mini phone masts around towns and cities by installing the kit into road furniture Street lights, traffic lights and bus shelters will have more 5G kit installed in a bid to boost mobile coverage across the UK. The Government has announced it is slashing council red tape to make it easier for telecoms companies to put in antennas on public infrastructure. Phone users need to be closer to so-called 5G ‘cell sites’ in order to receive good signal – as the mobile network, though quicker, has a smaller range. Firms are able to create mini phone masts around towns and cities by installing the kit into street furniture, such as road signs and CCTV poles. But the process of identifying places to put them has so far proved ‘difficult and time consuming’ – and has held up the roll-out. Ministers have today announced a £4million fund to find software that will simplify the process for councils and telecom companies to identify suitable places to put them. The Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator will look for suitable locations that have the right dimensions, access to a power source, and are close to the street. Digital Infrastructure Minister Julia Lopez said: ‘We are determined to get the UK the connectivity it needs by rolling out better mobile coverage as quickly as possible. ‘Currently, mobile companies are finding it difficult to get the data they need to check that a lamppost, bus shelter or public building is suitable for hosting their kit,’ she added. ‘These eight pilots will help solve this by modernising the way local authorities and operators work together in a way that ultimately delivers faster, more reliable mobile coverage for millions of people.’ The 5G network is the next generation of mobile internet connection and offers download speeds up to 100 times that of 4G, making mobile phones much faster and able to process ever-larger amounts of data.

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