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Canada on Cannabis
The show that believes the prohibition of marijuana is a crime against humanity
Weekly Program
 Craig Canada  Contact Contributor
Aug. 9, 2011, 7:37 p.m.
All charges against Dennis Peron dismissed Wednesday, August 3rd, one year after the raid. FBI investigation of officers involved continues. Highest radiation levels yet recently detected at Fukushima while government deploys smoke screen. After beginning signature drive for the Regulate Marijuana Like Wine initiative, Kubby announces reduction of personal grow limit from 25 to 12 plants.

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0:06 - As Predicted Charges Dropped Against Dennis Peron - The Weed Blog | 7 Aug 11.

San Francisco pot activist Dennis Peron's child porn case tossed - San Francisco Examiner | 3 Aug 11.

Over 100 cases have been dismissed over credibility issues with the same officers that raided, charged, and arrested Peron. The FBI is continuing investigation of these officers.

0:25 - Japan's Fukushima catastrophe brings big radiation spike to B.C. - | 4 Aug 11
The impacts of Fukushima are still in the earliest stages of being determined, especially since the nuclear plant is still spewing huge amounts of radiation. On Monday, TEPCO reported detecting record-high radiation levels at the plant—double the previous record set in early June. The new level—at least 10 sieverts (10,000 millisieverts) per hour—could cause death or incapacitation within a few seconds’ exposure.

...TEPCO reported in April that a seawater sample near the Fukushima plant contained 7.5 million times what was described as the legal amount of iodine-131.

...One of the highest post-Fukushima radiation readings in North America came on March 27 in rainwater in Boise, Idaho. It contained 14.4 becquerels of iodine-131 per litre—130 times the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s maximum contamination level of 0.11 millibecquerels per litre.

EPA officials said in media reports that the high levels didn’t pose a health threat. For the agency to sound an alarm, it says, a person would have to exceed its maximum level for an entire year, drinking two litres of the contaminated water each day.

But nobody seemed to investigate how long the rainwater in Boise remained radioactive. Inexplicably, the EPA stopped monitoring Boise’s rainwater after the extremely high reading on March 27. The agency’s only other reading for the city was on March 22.

That day, the iodine-131 level hit nine becquerels per litre.

In fact, if the two readings are averaged out and stayed just as elevated over the entire six-day period from March 22 to 27, a person drinking the Boise rainwater during this time would have exceeded the EPA’s annual ceiling by 75 percent.

0:45 - Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act: Ballot Initiative Would Tax Pot Like Wine - Huffington Post | 5 Aug 11

Kubby says they will amend personal limit from 25 plants to 12 plants. Hemp products, with no hallucinogenic properties, will not be taxed.

Initiative would have no impact on Rancho Cordova's license fee of $15,000 for a 25 square foot medical grow.
"We're not touching anything that goes on with medical," Kubby said. "That stays the way it is. We don't touch that. If it's a medical grow and they sell to a dispensary, that's outside of our initiative."

Prop.19 would have allowed any city or county to ban commerical production and cultivation, and the courts would have interpreted this to include medical.

0:55 - Dale Jones speaks doublespeak, claiming medical growers fear legalization will hurt their business, begging the question that Prop. 19 is "legalization". In fact, it was desgined to put the small growers out of business.
The growers could vote yes, go legit, continue to make a living, and also pay a little more in taxes for their kids' public education."
More taxes for 'their kids public education'? WTF! The money will go for more government, more police, and more nuclear power. The government is not suddenly going to learn how to budget and spend money.

0:58 - Caller question: wasn't Prop. 19 funded by one person? Yes, it was. Richard Lee was the sole funder of the petition drive to get Prop. 19 on the ballot, giving $1.4 million.

Under Prop. 19 the supply would have been drastically limited, prices would not have gone down. Jack Herer planned to launch petition drive for the Jack Herer initiative a couple of weeks after his stroke in Portland in 2009.

Jack Herer Initiative aka The California Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative ( is a much better law. Prohibits banning commercial cultivation and distribution. Set limit on license for commercial sales or distribution at $1,000. Set limit on tax per ounce at $10. Exempts medical use from tax. Grants amnesty for all marijuana crimes. Legalizes hemp and industrial hemp production.
Gray also sees the challenge of getting the medical cannabis community's vote. But he said he thinks the initiative can win without their support.
None of the primary opponents of Prop. 19 have dispensaries or big grows, they are not making any huge profits off marijuana. People opposed to Prop. 19 are patients. The people supporting it are the owners because they understand Prop. 19 will limit their competition. It raises the bar to entry into the industry. Under Prop. 19, only rich people with connections will be able to get any kind of commericial license, and that would be in only a handful of California cities and counties. The "I gots mine" crowd are the ones behind Prop.19, and NORML, and MPP, and DPA.

1:15 - Peron said Kubby initiative didn't have any money, is not a threat, and is not going anywhere, and that they were going to pull their current application for the June ballot and resubmit for the November ballot. BTW, Jack Herer has a limit of 99 plants for personal use.

In 2000 Kubby claimed 144 plants for his personal medical use. And now he is sponsoring legislation that would set a limit on personal use at 25 plants and has announced he is going to reduce that to 12 plants: Mistrial Declared In Marijuana Trial - | 28 Dec 2000

1:19 - Youtube video of Dale Shaefer before he goes to jail for 5 years on 5 May 2011: Schaefer gives a great synopsis of the history and politics of the medical marijuana movement. Mollie Fry got at least 25 people acquitted because she testified in their defense.

1:26 - LA Court Rules Patients Must Have Specified Dosage Important Mainly Because Of The Words In The Message - The Weedly News | 22 Jul 11
In an unprecedented ruling, a Los Angeles court denied a motion by plaintiff & DPFCA member Susan Soares to return her medical marijuana on the grounds that her doctor had not specified a dosage amount or frequency in her recommendation.

...In the court’s decision, Judge Antonio Barreto, Jr. declared that “as a matter of law” any recommendation that Soares’ doctor made that does “not involve frequency and dosage both is insufficient, period, and does not lead to any lawful possession of any amount of marijuana.” The judge mysteriously stated that his ruling was based on the Tripett decision. Soares had been growing for several patients, but the court declined to return even six plants for her own individual use.

Soares is seeking legal aid to appeal Barreto’s unprecedented decision.

I was denied my motion to return yesterday based on People v. Trippett. The judge said that because my doctor didn’t give me dosages or frequency of use, that my rec was invalid and therefore he couldn’t even give me the SB420 limits back. My attorney then asked him to preserve the evidence until we have time to appeal and he refused. The case that he referred to was pre 215 and later the convictions were vacated when 215 passed! The DA and the cop started cheering. Now the cops are going to wrongly believe that there has to be dosages on people’s recs! What can I do?

Susan Soares
Interesting that this Susan Soares is the same person that was in charge of speakers for the Prop. 19 debate at the Hemp Expo in San Francisco at the Cow Palace.

Cannabis & Hemp Expo not getting Prop. 19 foes to debate - San Francisco Chronicle | 13 Sep 10
A news release from the expo said Susan Soares, who is planning speakers panels for the event, "contacted over a dozen opponents of the proposition, all of whom have declined to attend the event and participate in the debate."
This was total crap, there were lots of people chomping at the bit to debate against Prop. 19, including Dennis Peron, Letitia Pepper, Lanette Davies, and Dragonflower de la Luz. The problem was these people were not prohibitionists. Instead, they were prominent medical marijuana advocates, and the Prop. 19 camp was determined to frame the debate as "prohibition" vs. "legalization" rather than whether or not Prop. 19 was "legalization" or "thinly veiled prohibition".

1:31 - Ohio Medical Marijuana Petition Rejected - The 420 Times | 4 Aug 11
Last week we told you about advocates submitting 2,143 signatures to the state’s Attorney General, but it seems barely 500 of those turned out to be “valid.” Advocates must now start over and get 1,000 valid signatures before their petition can be approved and they can begin the arduous task of getting over 385,000 signatures for their “Ohio Alternative Treatment Amendment.”

1:33 - How Many Medical Marijuana Patients Are Fakers? Does It Matter? - Reason Online | 5 Aug 11
The top three reasons physicians gave for recommending marijuana were "back/spine/neck pain" (31 percent), "sleep disorders" (16 percent), and "anxiety/depression" (13 percent). Although those may sound like easy-to-fake symptoms, four-fifths of the patients reported trying other, doctor-prescribed medications (most commonly opioids) before marijuana.
Here is another article calling Prop. 19 legalization and claiming that 46% of California voters support legalizing marijuana because 46% of California voted for Prop. 19 when the fact is that 31% of the 54% who voted against Prop. 19 supported legalizing marijuana.

California is the only state that allows the use of marijuana for psychiatric conditions. Oregon has been trying for 10 years to get approval from their state commission for the use of marijuana for psychiatric conditions. California is the only state that does not give the government the authority to determine who may be a legal medical marijuana patient.

For more information see:

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